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I'm excited to announce the offering of a series of professional photography classes starting this 2017 Modern cameras take a lot of guesswork out of capturing an image but it is still up to the photographer, as artist, to compose the image. How do you go from Snapshots to Great Shots? How do you take a great portrait? How do you photograph groups? How do you find ideal locations and make the best of ambient shooting conditions? This will be our opening topics. Going further, the task of Going Beyond the Auto Setting on your DSLR, can be daunting, but with an experienced guide, you can learn to get more out of your camera, de-focus the background, properly expose night scenes, capture fireworks, or a moon-rise, and much more. Advanced sessions will cover understanding and controlling light - from optimizing natural light, to properly using flash, and to practice with studio lighting. If you are serious about photography, you'll want to learn all abut shooting event, models, and fashion, which we will cover in individual sessions. Classes wil be conducted in a Boston Studio to a limited audience to allow more individualized attention, so please stay tuned and sign up early.

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    Welcome to Boston Creative Photographers! This group is for photographers, models, makeup artists, fashion designers, and graphic artists whose world revolves around their creative passion to create wonderful images of people, places and things and are looking to share that passion with others.

    Members are encouraged to upload and share their art, open their studios, minds, and hearts to other members. Meetups are focused around creative activities to enhance the learning and practice of capturing fine images: photoshoots, workshops, presentations and classes on topics such as cityscape, real estate, night photography, portraiture, fashion, modelling, glamour, events, lighting, post processing, strobes, portfolio, product photography, managing your subject, managing your camera, and more.

    What people are saying about Boston Creative. “Everyone is is friendly and some had brought their work to share, which was great and isn't required. A fun group, I can see this group getting bigger soon!” “Great group of people. I especially enjoyed viewing everyone's work.” “A wonderful group of people - this was my first time at a meetup - and great to compare notes on various artistic endeavors. The event was well-organized. ” “Nice mix of people- everyone was friendly, outgoing and encouraging.”

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    With a passion for photography and people, Domenico's technical and personal background comprises over 30 years experience in videography, photography, teaching, and coaching for personal development.

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