What we're about

Hi! We organize Boston-area events for enthusiasts of the Rust programming language, for every level of expertise from total beginner to seasoned Rustacean.

Rust is a user-friendly low-level programming language with a focus on security, reliability, and concurrency, while valuing extreme performance in memory usage and execution time.

Our regular events usually operate on a six-week rotation, centered around the cadence of Rust's own release schedule:

Week 1: Casual lunch in Somerville

Week 2: Honest-to-goodness meetup at one of several venues in the Boston area, with catering, presentations, schmoozing, hacking, and more!

Week 3: Casual lunch in Cambridge

Week 4: Casual hack night, where we help motivate each other to work on personal projects

Week 5: Casual lunch in Downtown Boston

Week 6: We take this week off for the regular Rust release!

Feel free to contact the organizers via Meetup.com if you would like to present a project at a meetup, provide a venue for hosting a meetup, sponsor a meetup's catering, or simply give feedback. Hope to see you!

All Boston Rust events are governed by the Rust Code of Conduct (https://www.rust-lang.org/policies/code-of-conduct).

Past events (100)

Downtown Rust Lunch, March 6

Thinking Cup

Boston Rust Casual Hack Night, February 26

Workbar - Central Square

Central Square Rust Lunch, February 21

Life Alive Organic Cafe

Boston Rust Meetup at Starry, February 12

38 Chauncy St

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