What we're about

Hi! We organize Boston-area events for enthusiasts of the Rust programming language, for every level of expertise from total beginner to seasoned Rustacean. Our regular events operate on a six-week rotation, centered around the cadence of Rust's own release schedule (starting circa April 2019, this is a new experiment for us!):

Week 1: Casual lunch in Davis Square in Somerville

Week 2: Honest-to-goodness meetup at one of several venues in the Boston area, with catering, presentations, schmoozing, hacking, and more!

Week 3: Casual lunch in Kendall Square in Cambridge

Week 4: Casual hack night, where we help motivate each other to work on personal projects

Week 5: Casual lunch in Downtown Boston

Week 6: We take this week off for the regular Rust release!

Feel free to contact the organizers via Meetup.com if you would like to present a project at a meetup, provide a venue for hosting a meetup, sponsor a meetup's catering, or simply give feedback. Hope to see you!

All Boston Rust events are governed by the Rust Code of Conduct (https://www.rust-lang.org/policies/code-of-conduct).

Upcoming events (1)

Davis Square Rust Lunch, April 19

Diesel Cafe

Join us for a casual, no-pressure lunchtime hangout while we chat about Rust, the universe, and everything. Meet us way in the back of the Diesel Cafe in Davis Square, conveniently adjacent to the Davis stop on the Red Line. Food and drink are available here, as well as from any of the other distinguished eateries in Davis Square. Arrive whenever you like and stay as long as you desire. Look for the rusty metal Ferris-the-Crab tchotchke (pictured above) accompanying the long-haired man in the rainbow jacket (that's me!). Leave a comment here if you need any help finding us. And if you can't make it this time, this event repeats every six weeks. Hope to see you!

Past events (65)

Weekly Rust Lunch in Kendall Square

5 Cambridge Center (vestibule)

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