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Lunchtime Soccer Boston
Lunchtime Soccer Boston
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NUTSHELL - Read this before asking questions: every week day, 12:15ish until 1:45ish, Cumnock Turf Fields at Harvard Stadium or sometimes Jordan Field, games of 4v4 up to 10v10 or larger or multiple games depending on numbers. Bring a white shirt and a dark/colored shirt, but not a gray one. This meetup has run pretty much every week day since 2012 without a hitch, so most folks don't bother to RSVP anymore, they just show up. In the winter and bad weather situations, there is an indoor field on the premises to look for. Sometimes you need to "find" the game, but there is one every weekday.

GETTING THERE BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT - Harvard Square is the closest T stop (red line). Check Google Maps or other to find fastest way there from wherever you are.

GETTING THERE BY RIDE SHARE - a lot of players in this meetup come by car and are nice enough to offer rides to others. Best hope of getting a ride is leaving a comment here asking if anybody is driving and willing to pick you up.

PARKING - you must park at one of the metered spots if you park on Harvard property near the stadium. They will patrol for cars parked illegally.

COST - free, with a big thank you to Harvard and Harvard staff that play in the meetup as well.

ATTIRE - Bring a *white* shirt and a dark/vivid color shirt so we can easily divide into teams. DO NOT BRING A GRAY SHIRT- you will annoy a lot of people if you do. Turf shoes or cleats recommended, and sneakers are fine. Shin-guards optional- most people don't wear them. Bring a ball if you have one.

RSVP and CANCELING - because this meetup has run nearly every single week day, summer and winter, since 2012 and never had to cancel, we generally don't bother to RSVP anymore and it is never proactively canceled. Just show up and play- we'll be there!

ETIQUETTE - we have A LOT of players in this meetup and play every (week)day. Each day is a different mix of people, skill levels, and attitudes. Most people playing do this for fun and/or exercise in the middle of the day. Please respect this by at least following these unspoken rules that we have:

1) You may not hurt anybody- especially yourself. All of us just want to safely return to office/class afterward.

2) Do not yell at, criticize, or offer unsolicited "tips" to other players unless they ask for your opinion. It ruins an otherwise fun, all-skill-levels game. If you do this often, you may be asked to find another meetup.

3) Be the first to get the ball if it goes out of bounds. Especially if you kicked it last or are the closest one to the ball.

4) Fighting is prohibited. We've never come close to having a problem with this, but better stated aloud. If it gets physical, we may call the police as it becomes a felony/legal matter.

5) Don't be selfish. Be quick to include more players or encourage players to start multiple games if one game is getting larger than 11 v 11. Everybody should be able to play easily every day without much arguing or discussion. We've never had a problem with this and would like to keep it this way.

WHAT ELSE - All skill levels welcome- it's a big mix. If you're tentative about playing, just come observe for a little while and see if it's a fit for you.