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Make Your Apps Interactive With Speech Services

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Make Your Apps Interactive With Speech Services


Everyone knows we can’t deny benefits of artificial intelligence both for business and for consumers. Developers are trying to integrate it to all kinds of applications and all major tech companies are working on making it as accessible as possible. Whether you are working with machine learning models every day, building chat bots or just want to “humanize” your app you’ll find Microsoft Speech Services very useful. There’s a wide variety of use cases and applications for them.
In this session we’ll talk about Artificial Intelligence in general and then move to more detailed view of Speech Services. You will learn about available speech tools and their applications. We’ll talk about similar tools provided by Google and Amazon. In the end you’ll see a quick demo demonstrating the services. I’m sure this session will make you excited enough to start working with Speech services.

Veronika Kolesnikova is a Web Developer at Rightpoint, Microsoft MVP (AI)
Passionate about backend web development, mainly with Microsoft technologies like C#, .NET, Azure. Public speaker, Hackathon volunteer. Curious about mobile, ML and AR. She also holds a masters degree in Information Technology. In her free time, she likes dancing, traveling and practicing aerial yoga.

5 Wayside Road · Burlington, MA