• Boston Life Science Showcase

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    Please also RSVP on our Eventbrite page to secure your spot: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boston-life-science-showcase-tickets-416957680647 In person tickets available.

    A Collaboration between Bioverse, the Life Sciences Division of VietChallenge, and Boston New Technology:

    # Boston Life Sciences Showcase

    • Networking- Providing networking opportunities for the life sciences communities in Boston and beyond.
    • Science Showcase- Creating quarterly business showcase events for Boston life sciences entrepreneurs, executives and investors. A low-stress forum where life sciences companies can network receive feedback from accredited experts and investors during varied stages of their innovation life cycle. Showcasing life sciences companies led by founders of diverse backgrounds, especially women -and diverse founders -led companies.
    • Funding- Building bridges between the Boston life sciences community and international venture capital and startup ecosystems.

    ## Event Format

    • 04 life sciences companies will present their businesses and field questions from a board of investors as well as the audience for each event.
    • 2-hour showcase/ networking event
    • 15 minutes for presentation and Q&A for each company.
    • 150 Expected Attendees for the Events

    ### Presenting companies- To be announced

    • At least 1 company will have raised more than $10M in funding or formed by a founder with a proven track record
    • At least 1 company will be in stealth mode or in very early stage (before Series A)
    • Ideally, the other two companies will be past Series A but will have raised less than $10M in funding

    ### Board of Investors

    The board at each event will consist of 4-6 investors, including
    1 angel investor
    1 VC investor
    1 subject matter expert (e.g., a well-known researcher in the field)
    1 PE investor

    ## Organizers

    ### Bioverse is the life sciences division of VietChallenge.

    – VietChallenge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2015 in Boston, MA, with a mission with a mission to support emerging technologies and entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds.
    – We nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of diverse communities and foster business synergies through mentorship, networking, and access to funding.
    – We have supported and empowered 900 early stage companies formed by founders of Asian heritage who have raised more than $60M in investment capital.
    – In addition to our flagship startup pitch program for Vietnamese entrepreneurs, we have launched one of the world’s largest blockchain competitions for global blockchain entrepreneurs.
    – At the final event to be held in NYC, the winner will be awarded $300k (www.blockchampion.network).

    ### Boston New Technology

    BNT is a not-for-profit, community-organized technology, startup and business networking group with 50k+ members across 15 meetup groups in both Boston and Austin.
    BNT is a broad network for entrepreneurs, scientists, coders, designers, business-developers, marketers, investors, technology enthusiasts and other professionals to connect at live events.
    At BNT’s events, participants will find inspiration, share amazing opportunities, collaborate, launch and learn about new product ventures, form partnerships and grow businesses.
    In BNT’s 10-year history, we have partnered with over 200 sponsor companies to produce and host/co-host over 200+ free and not-for-profit events, including 117+ monthly startup showcases, with over 700 companies presenting.

    ### Tickets

    Confirmation emails and approved registration will be sent by email to all registrants prior to the event using the contact information provided along with the Vaccine Policy and entrance information.