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This is a group of parents supporting other parents with positivity to navigate the challenges of being rejected by their child. Parental alienation is the process, and the result, of psychological manipulation of a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards a parent. In severe case, the manipulative parent seeks to severe a child's relationship with the targeted parent and seeks full custody. This group is a resource for parents to learn from others that they are not alone and help identify resources that can help their specific situation. current spouses / significant others plus family and friends that support you are encouraged to attend. All in the greater Boston area, we often have 3 different formats of meetups:

1. FREE Monthly parent sharing sessions, currently held the 3rd week of each month at the Waltham Public Library.

2. FREE Monthly "Targeted Parents Group" (TPG) social events at changing locations and focused around an activity or event, where you can enjoy time with other parents who face similar challenges.

3. Low Cost Parent education workshops that provide psycho-education, resources, and motivation.

If you have found this group through an internet search and this situation is happening to you and your child, please connect with us quickly because early intervention is critical! Even though it is estimated to affect 1% of children, this scientifically proven pathology has low public and even professional awareness. Unfortunately the courts, and nearly all lawyers and therapists are not trained to support or treat this situation, and since many facets require counterintuitive actions, the damage to families and children can be horrific.

Join the group today, for the sake of your children, now and in the future!


A. LINK TO A FREE 23 page PDF By Amy Baker, "Beyond the High Road: Responding to 17 Parental Alienation Strategies without Compromising Your Morals or Harming Your Child"


B. LINK TO A FREE PDF This 15-page PDF by Richard Warshak also includes Practical recommendations for each of the 10 Fallacies. This paper includes 113 research references.


This PDF is possibly the best information that will help you, your attorney, and your therapist (plus any Judge, GAL, Probation Officer, Parent Coordinator, etc). An alienators' childhood based personality trait issues causes them to be delusional, which drives their abusive (to the child and the targeted parent) behavior and actions. The court system has not "caught up" on all the scientific research on parental alienation. Therefore, parents need an attorney who has experience litigating custody cases and willing to hire and be guided by one of several parental alienation experts in the US to educate the courts. Two very important fallacies listed below are #9 and #10 which describe how weekly session types of "reunification therapy" never work (despite many therapists who think they can and are willing to try). However, court mandated 4-day residential programs with 90 days no contact with the alienator has success rates in the 90% range (at several of the approximately 6 programs available in the USA).

Ten Parental Alienation Fallacies That Compromise Decisions in Court and in Therapy, By Dr. Richard Warshak, author of “Divorce Poison”. Peer reviewed and published in 2015 by the American Psychological Association (APA).

1. Children never unreasonably reject the parent with whom they spend the most time.

2. Children never unreasonably reject mothers.

3. Each parent contributes equally to a child’s alienation.

4. Alienation is a child’s transient, short-lived response to the parents’ separation.

5. Rejecting a parent is a short-term healthy coping mechanism.

6. Young children living with an alienating parent need no intervention.

7. Alienated adolescents’ stated preferences should dominate custody decisions.

8. Children who appear to function well outside the family need no intervention.

9. Severely alienated children are best treated with traditional therapy techniques while living primarily with their favored parent.

10. Separating children from an alienating parent is traumatic.

C. Boston area adult alienated child's website - includes podcasts: https://danalaquidara.com (https://danalaquidara.com/)


To register, email your name, phone number and state you live in to: familyaccessinnc@aol.com

More info: www.familyaccessfightingforchildrensrights.org (http://www.familyaccessfightingforchildrensrights.org/)

These are our top experts in the world regarding alienation. These calls are extremely helpful to all alienated family members in understanding more,You may call in on a free conference line There will be no replays of these calls so be available on these dates and times. All calls are on Sunday at 8 PM EST. Thank you.

2018 Calls:

Sunday, February 11th Dr. Lena Hellblom Sjogren
Sunday, March 11th Dr J Michael Bone / Dr. Bob Evans
Sunday, April 8th Karen and Nick Woodall
Sunday, May 6th Linda Gottlieb
Sunday, June 3rd Dr. Amy Baker
Sunday, July 8th Brian Ludmer
Sunday, August 5th Dr. Steven Miller
Sunday, September 9th Dr. John Killinger
Sunday, October 7th Dr. Mark Mosk
Sunday, November 18th "How to Cope with the Holidays" Several of our experts will join us on this call
Sunday, December 9th Dr. Joshua Coleman

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