Conversational AI: How Messaging is Scaling Across the Entire Customer Journey

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As Natural Language Understanding frameworks improve, bots are getting better at detecting and responding to user intent, expanding the use cases in which conversational automation can be applied. We are now at a point where AI-driven bots can handle scenarios across the entire customer journey, from awareness to commerce to care.

These new conversational experiences are wrapped in ML-powered, targeted display campaigns, focused on driving people into Bot channels to support everything from marketing/sales/support.

Shane Mac from Conversocial and Ryan Maynard from Chatdynamo will explore how advancements in NLU and ML are making apps and websites irrelevant, and driving brands to invest in messaging.

A few success stories:

- A billion dollar jewelry brand hit 13x ROAS (return on ad spend)
- A global sneaker brand's chatbot saw 87% message open rates (4.8x higher than email engagement)

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The Dawn of Conversational Advertising
Ryan Maynard - CEO, ChatDynamo
According to recent surveys, by 2020, 80 percent of consumer brands will have built or will build an Alexa Skill, Google Action or a chatbot for sales and marketing. The ecosystem has grown quickly, creating a rich opportunity for contextual advertising. In this discussion we’ll look at examples of conversational advertising and explore how this trend could disrupt mobile app development, email marketing, and website development moving forward.

Adaptive Automation: Combining Bots and Humans within Conversational Customer Experiences
Shane Mac - Chief Automation Officer, Conversocial
The future isn’t about downloading another app. We are moving into a world where you can do everything with a brand with simply a conversation. A conversation that remembers your preferences, learns over time, and brings people into the dialog when that human touch is needed. Shane Mac takes a look at how forward-thinking brands are building AI-fueled conversational experiences that people love using and driving real business value for businesses and consumers.

Next, we explore these topics on a panel with Shane and Ryan. Please send us any questions for the panel to or at questions[-at-] before, or during, the event!

6:00 PM Networking & Food, Beer
6:30 PM Kickoff & Sponsors (IBM, Betaworks Studios)
6:35 PM Ryan Maynard - CEO, ChatDynamo - Dawn of Conversational Advertising
7:05 PM Shane Mac - Chief Automation Officer, Conversocial - Adaptive Automation
7:30 PM Panel: Shane and Ryan on conversational AI for sales and service
8:15 PM Q&A and networking


Ryan Maynard is CEO of ChatDynamo- an innovative digital marketing agency working with some of the largest brands in the world. Agency services include Google SEO management, Facebook advertising, chatbot solutions, and lead gen strategies. Prior to founding ChatDynamo, Ryan was Director of Ad Solutions at Kik where he led all new ad product development and worked closely with strategic brand and agency partners on monetizing Kik’s chatbot ecosystem. Ryan has spent over 15 years in ad tech and is an expert in programmatic media buying/selling, native ad serving, and chatbot monetization.

Shane Mac is the Chief Automation Officer at Conversocial, where he is responsible for leading adaptive automation innovation for automated consumer messaging experiences. Previously, Shane was the co-founder and CEO of Assist, the leading enterprise chatbot platform for messaging and voice, which was acquired by Conversocial early 2019. In that role, he developed technology that powered some of the world’s largest brands like, Sephora, T-Mobile, Hyatt, Fandango, and the NBA; and launched the first commerce experiences on Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant.