• Can Bots Sell? Avoid These Pitfalls and Get Sales and Marketing Results

    Bots have become a staple in the care organizations of some of the world’s biggest brands, providing superior customer service at scale. But bots are not just for customer care and cutting costs anymore. Now is the time to understand conversational AI's power to drive sales and marketing, transforming bots into revenue drivers for organizations.

    Conversational AI experts Dhoreena Ventura and Chris Radanovic will share how LivePerson customers are using bots to boost sales & marketing — and the staggering results they’re realizing.

    Our expert speakers will cover effective bot sales/marketing use cases, how to mobilize sales bots, key differences between using automation for care vs. for sales, and common pitfalls to avoid when developing a conversational AI selling / marketing strategy.

    Harnessing the power of AI to provide exceptional customer experiences has made LivePerson a leader in the Conversational AI space.

    Event Schedule (EDT Time Zone):

    12:00 PM Getting settled and Zoom joining
    12:05 PM Welcome back and kickoff!
    12:10 PM Chris Radanovic, Conversational AI Expert & Dhoreena Ventura, Senior Product Marketing Manager - LivePerson
    12:45 PM Final Q&A and Wrap-up

    Speaker Bios:

    Chris Radanovic, Conversational AI Expert, LivePerson

    Chris has 10 years of experience building digital conversations. He has been helping brands harness automation, natural language understanding, and machine learning tools.

    Dhoreena Ventura, Senior Product Marketing Manager, LivePerson

    Dhoreena focuses on helping brands enhance end-to-end customer experience with AI as the key to finally delivering on the promise of personalization at scale. Prior to LivePerson, Dhoreena was a product marketing lead at Sizmek by Amazon.

  • Full Spectrum Design & Marketing for Voice Success for Alexa & Google Assistant

    Creating an excellent voice experience is a key component, but it's not sufficient. In addition to covering content and conversation design, our experts will share what it takes to drive marketing and discovery for Alexa and Google Assistant.

    Additionally, a clear process for deciding on your intents and entities will be shared to help you make skills that easily understand the user and are maintainable.

    ==> This is a Zoom online event. Make sure to register on the Zoom link prior to the event to speed through at event time.

    Event Schedule (EST Time Zone):

    5:20 PM Getting settled and Zoom joining
    5:25 PM Welcome back and kickoff!
    5:30 PM Ilarna Nche, Alexa Champion & Founder & Software Engineer, Adassa
    5:55 PM Deborah Dahl, Principal, Conversational Technologies
    6:20 PM Final Q&A and Wrap-up

    Presentation Summaries:

    Talk 1 - Ilarna Nche, Alexa Champion & Founder & Software Engineer, Adassa

    Creating an excellent voice experience is a key component, but it's not sufficient. In addition to covering content and conversation design, Ilarna will share what it takes to drive marketing and discovery for Alexa and Google Assistant.

    Talk 2 - Deborah Dahl, Principal, Conversational Technologies

    Today's virtual assistant platforms, such as Amazon Alexa, Google DialogFlow and Microsoft LUIS, offer highly capable and easy to use development tools. Yet the success of any application critically depends on the upfront design process that happens even before developers start using the tools. We have to answer such questions as the users' motivations for using the application in the first place (intents) and the information that the application needs from the users for the system to address these goals (entities). This information will feed directly into the development process. At a high level, this design process is independent of specific development platforms, but each platform has limitations that have to be taken into account in the design process. This talk will review strategies for designing the intents and entities needed for scalable and maintainable applications. It will also discuss accommodating designs to the limitations of popular platforms.

    Speaker Bios:

    Ilarna Nche

    Ilarna is an award winning Alexa Champion and Bixby Premier Developer from Adassa Innovations. She has a huge portfolio of voice applications across Alexa, Google and Bixby and is an expert and thought leader in the voice & conversation design field, from both a development and design perspective.

    Deborah Dahl

    Deborah Dahl is Principal of Conversational Technologies, which assists its clients in creating state of the art solutions using speech, natural language, and dialog technologies. Her focus is on implementations of practical and scalable conversational systems that push the boundary between theory and applications. Her clients range in size from startups to large enterprises and government organizations. She has written many technical papers as well as three books, including Multimodal Interaction with W3C Standards: Toward Natural Interfaces to Everything, published in 2016.

  • How Your Data & Product Strategy DRIVE Business Success During Change

    Have you ever felt that business leaders are guiding your organization down the wrong path? That data and tech are being under-utilized or completely misapplied?

    Instead, are there data, engineering, or product approaches that you believe would allow your organization to wildly succeed? NOW is the time to confidently step forward with your ideas! Join us for a discussion about the extremely bumpy ride facing us in 2021, why your business leaders need you to boldly share your ideas, and how YOU can create impact for your organization and forever change your role.

    Event Schedule (EST Time Zone):

    12:00 PM Early Zoom join, getting settled
    12:05 PM Bots and AI Kickoff / Speaker Introductions
    12:10 PM Lisa Palmer shares macro context and topic introduction
    12:15 PM Fireside chat with Lisa Palmer and David Spear
    12:50 PM Wrap up recommendations
    12:55 PM Q&A

    Speaker Bios:

    Lisa Palmer, Chief Technical Advisor AMER at Splunk

    Lisa has worked in corporate, non-profit, and government environments leading teams in: Data & Artificial Intelligence Business Outcomes, Professional Services, C-Suite Technology Research & Advisory Services, IT, Marketing, Sales, Solution Engineering, Business Development, Project Management, and Customer Success. Consistently acting as a change agent, Lisa believes that technology should be ethically applied, should directly drive balance sheet impact, and works tirelessly to ensure that technology strategy IS business strategy.

    David Spear, Senior Partner & Vertical Industry Leader for Retail/CPG at Teradata

    Dave brings 25+ years of experience working across the Retail/CPG industry and Consulting space, driving strategic innovation, value and ROI. Dave continually finds himself at the intersection of brand, consumer and digital, which typically necessitates some level of digital transformation work. Currently, Dave is the Consulting Leader for the Retail Industry at Teradata, where he looks after 23 clients across the Americas. A big believer in Client Centricity, Dave is a student of building trust and long-term relationships with key stakeholders.

    Prior to joining Teradata, Dave has held numerous roles at large enterprises such as IBM, Capgemini, Coca-Cola and UPS, while also leading a small entrepreneurial mobile company for nearly 5 years. Dave graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and earned his MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and has 4 boys.

  • Data Science in Compliance & Fraud Detection

    Online event

    We have a special Bots and AI joint event with the Dataiku meetup hosted at BrightTalk.


    Schedule: (EST)

    2:00pm: Dataiku x Bots & AI Intro
    2:05pm: Data Science in Compliance and Fraud Detection w/ Spotify
    2:45pm: Q&A

    Talk Abstract:

    Data Science is an emerging function in a variety of industries and a greater number of data scientists have begun working on personalization, recommendations, or sales optimizations.
    The cost of compliance has also been expanding in most industries and especially in the technology sector. This is a result of the Public’s attention shift from traditional frauds to antitrust, conflict of interest, and data privacy. While there are plenty of opportunities to leverage DS/ML to solve such problems, the complex nature of such compliance and fraud detection issues stymies data practitioners from being able to grow the data science practice. The “language barrier” of communication between the company’s DS/business/compliance appears to hide the low hanging fruits.

    In this talk, Harry will share his experience in connecting data science with compliance, examples of the DS/ML use cases, and key takeaways for our two groups of the audience (Data Scientists and Business Stakeholders.)

    • Hidden Data Science Opportunity in Compliance and Finance
    • Career Journey: from a fraud investigator to a data scientist
    • Opportunities that often get overlooked in compliance/fraud functions
    • How to speak two languages: recommendations on connecting data science resources with compliance business

    Speaker Bio:

    Having strong technology acumen in tech, healthcare, and consulting, Harry is currently a Data Analytics Manager at Spotify who drives data science initiatives in compliance and finance functions. He is enthusiastic about machine learning, quantitative research, and statistical modeling to discover insights from various data and connect business and technology.

    Disclaimer: All views, thoughts, & opinions expressed in the webinar belong solely to the panelists, & not to the panelists’ employer, organization, committee, other group or individual.

  • Voice Teaming with Emerging Technology & New Ideas in Conversation Design

    As with voice and conversational, design context is key and this event theme is putting voice into context.

    See the combined strength of conversational AI, emotional AI, augmented intelligence, behavioral biometrics, computer vision, ML, data analytics, AR/VR, tonal & gesture intelligence and more.

    Learn how speech to intent and customized models can greatly improve personalization and accuracy and how persona, prompts, conversation flow, and training data are deeply interconnected.

    We finish off with some quick tips on successful voice skill development.

    Event Schedule (EDT Timezone):
    11:45 AM Getting settled and introductions/networking
    11:55 AM Welcome back and kickoff!
    12:00 PM Lance Moncrieffe, CXO Experience AI
    12:25 PM Frank Schneider, CEO
    12:50 PM Rebecca Evanhoe, Designer, Author, and Asst. Professor
    1:00 PM Vishnu Saran, Founder

    Talk 1 - Lance Moncrieffe, CXO Experience AI, Cognizant

    In this confluence of emerging AI capabilities, conversational AI has become a fellow enabler of incredibly transformative AI experiences for people and the connected spaces and products that surround them.

    This talk will explore two main columns of AI experiences: Customer & Workforce AI Experiences, and Ambient Intelligence AI Experiences — made possible by the combined strength of conversational AI, emotional AI, augmented intelligence, behavioral biometrics, computer vision, ML, data analytics, AR/VR, tonal & gesture intelligence & more.

    Talk 2 - Frank Schneider, CEO, Speakeasy AI

    We speak differently than we type, so how can we alleviate some of the obstacles of AI training and improvement?

    AI orchestration with speech-to-intent can allow for the removal of silos across automation and human conversations to unlock efficiencies and custom learning models for voice AI.

    Talk 3 - Rebecca Evanhoe, Designer, Author, and Asst. Professor of
    Conversational UX Design at Pratt

    The pillars of conversation design (persona, prompts, conversation flow, and training data) are deeply interconnected; when you adjust one, you adjust them all.

    Optimizing training data has a huge impact on the user's experience, and conversation designers can help curate it for better results.

    Talk 4 - Vishnu Saran, Founder, VoiceQube, Inc.

    This lightning talk outlines 5 novel best practices that make any voice application stand out from the clutter.


    Lance Moncrieffe is the Chief Experience Officer and Global Leader for the Experience AI practice within Artificial Intelligence & Analytics at Cognizant. He has led customer centric strategies and experience engagements for over 20 years, and today he leads a team that humanizes Data and Intelligence into ambient AI customer experiences.

    Lance's global efforts focus on Conversational AI, Smart Spaces & Things, Augmented Intelligence, Behavioral Biometrics, Emotional AI, AR/VR, Computer Vision, Edge Applications, Embedded Intelligence and Agentless Self Service.

    Speakeasy AI's CEO is Frank Schneider, formerly an officer and VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Success at Creative Virtual USA. During Schneider's tenure, Creative Virtual USA grew revenue over 300% and became the leader in Fortune 500 enterprise virtual assistant deployments. In his current role at Speakeasy AI, he and his team are on a mission to help businesses to leverage AI to listen to their customers and build better voice experiences.

    Rebecca Evanhoe is a conversation designer, creating products that you talk to since 2011. Her book about conversation design, co-authored with Diana Deibel, will be published in 2021 by Rosenfeld Media. She teaches conversation design as a visiting assistant professor at Pratt Institute.

    Vishnu Saran is the founder of VoiceQube, a leading voice technology company in US and India. He's an international keynote speaker who dabbles with the idea of how voice and human computer interfaces can change the world for better. He's currently building StoryQube, which is the "Netflix" for voice devices.

  • What is AutoML & Where to Best Apply It: Tips from AI leaders Dataiku & AWS

    AutoML is a powerful and trending innovation in machine learning optimization. Our expert speakers from AWS & Dataiku explain different areas it can be applied and what use cases are good and poor fits.

    We will also gain some lessons learned from a business leveraging AutoML case study.

    **You must have ticket at Eventbrite to attend not just Meetup RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/what-is-automl-where-to-best-apply-it-tips-from-ai-leaders-dataiku-aws-tickets-91367501657?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=email&utm_content=lfm

    Event Schedule:
    6:00 PM Networking & Food, Beer

    6:30 PM Kickoff & Sponsors (Betaworks Studios)

    6:35 PM William Nowak, Solutions Engineer, Dataiku

    7:05 PM Kunal Bhatra, Sr. Technical Evangelist - AI/ML, AWS

    Presentation Summaries:

    Talk 1 - William Nowak, Solutions Engineer, Dataiku

    What's AutoML, how does it work, and should you be using it in your organization? We'll explore all of these questions in this topical overview.

    Talk 2 - Kunal Bhatra, AWS Sr. Techical Evangelist - AI/ML

    Get an inside look at details on how AutoML drove significant improvements on a number of business use cases.

    Speaker Bios:

    William Nowak

    Will Nowak is a solutions engineer at Dataiku, where he helps Fortune 500 companies improve data science operations. Previously, he engineered machine learning models for several Y Combinator startups, learning the pitfalls and challenges to productionalizing machine learning. Will holds a bachelor’s in math and economics from Northwestern University and a master’s in organizational leadership from Columbia University. In addition to the aforementioned topics, Will enjoys biking, coffee, and donuts and dislikes buzzwords, pretension, and meanness.

    Kunal Batra

    Kunal Batra is an experienced developer and technical evangelist for Amazon Web Services where he helps drive awareness and adoption for their developer offerings. His primary focus has been on Artificial Intelligence specifically Computer Vision.

    Prior to joining AWS, Kunal led Developer Relations and Developer Experience at Clarifai, a NYC-based computer vision startup.

    Kunal lives in Manhattan and enjoys photography, hiking, and writing code.

    This event is made possible with the support of Betaworks Studios.

  • Beneath Chatbot NLP: Question Answering and Natural Language Understanding

    Natural language understanding is at the heart of having a useful chatbot that can identify your user's intent and needs. Many new deep learning approaches make news but what are their strengths and drawbacks? Catch up with the latest and get actionable advice on making your best technology selection.

    **You must have ticket at Eventbrite to attend not just Meetup RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/beneath-chatbot-nlp-question-answering-and-natural-language-understanding-tickets-83925428215?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=email&utm_content=lfm

    Event Schedule:

    6:00 PM Networking & Food, Beer

    6:30 PM Kickoff & Sponsors (Betaworks Studios)

    6:35 PM Dan Moldovan, Professor at UT, Dallas and CEO at Lymba

    7:15 PM Extended Networking Time

    Presentation Summaries:

    Talk 1 - Dan Moldovan, Professor at UT, Dallas and CEO at Lymba

    At the heart of building a bot or dialogue tool lies the need to understand a customer's intent and the ability to provide the precise information to solve their problem. Only so many questions can be pre-scripted with answers. When properly leveraged, Natural Language Processing (NLP) can build these core capabilities of question-answering and natural language understanding on top of which bots, customer service systems, and conversational dialogue applications can be built.

    Different business use cases have different requirements and approaches. We'll cover how they can vary from research to call center applications.

    Extended Networking Time

    The holidays are coming up. Enjoy some bonus time to learn from each other without getting home as late!

    Speaker Bios:

    Dan Moldovan. Founder and CEO of Lymba and Professor of Computer Science at UT Dallas, specializing in Natural Language Processing and AI for graduate level students. Lymba provides cutting edge NLP solutions that empower multiple applications, from bots to document analysis.

    This event is made possible with the support of Betaworks Studios.

  • Speaking Fintech: Integrating AI, NLP, Conversational and Voice

    Our expert speakers will cover the spectrum of a modern financial experience from conversational AI, voice branding/earcons, & AI decision intelligence.

    **You must have ticket at Eventbrite to attend not just Meetup RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/speaking-fintech-integrating-ai-nlp-conversational-and-voice-tickets-74624408615?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=email&utm_content=lfm

    Event Schedule:

    6:00 PM Networking & Food, Beer
    6:30 PM Kickoff & Sponsors (VoiceOfTheFlashBriefing and Betaworks Studios)
    6:35 PM Joti Balani, Managing Director at Freshriver, Inc.
    6:55 PM Chris Butler, Chief Product Architect at IPsoft
    7:15 PM Naftali Cohen, AI Research at JP Morgan
    7:30 PM Dexter Garcia, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Audio UX
    7:40 PM Panel Discussion

    Presentation Summaries:

    Talk 1 - Joti Balani, Freshriver, Inc.

    The financial sector is investing in conversational AI initiatives to improve customer experience and further monetize service offerings. How is this new digital channel different from web and mobile and how can creating a multidisciplinary team and holistic bot design help?

    Talk 2 - Chris Butler, IPsoft

    How do you build financial experiences that effectively combine the power of humans and machines, especially when emerging technologies like machine learning and AI are involved? Due to the complexity of interactions and the significance of the impact, the answer isn't straightforward. Exploring the expectations for the humans and machines in the world of finance and banking can lead to potential solutions.

    Talk 3 - Naftali Cohen, JP Morgan

    AI for decision intelligence

    Talk 4 - Dexter Garcia, Audio UX

    Audio Branding for Voice Banking: How Small Sounds Have A Huge Impact. As financial institutions like Visa and MasterCard flock to Audio Branding and earcons, Dexter Garcia breaks down the strategy behind these marketing campaigns and how they are advantageous moves at the rise of voice banking experiences.

    Speaker Bios:

    Joti Balani is managing director of Freshriver.ai which focuses on building custom, human-centered Enterprise grade bots that generate economic and brand value while being emotionally intelligent. She has helped B2B and B2C enterprises build data-driven, CX-focused product portfolios leveraging Conversational AI, mobile and cloud services. She has led product and technology innovation at both startup and Fortune 1000 enterprises including Citigroup, the American Red Cross, AT&T, Texas Instruments, Zayo group, Medocity, Anexinet and Cross River Fiber. She has an MBA from Univ. of Dallas and B.Sc. Computer Science from University of Bahrain, Arabian Gulf. She founded the Sisters Circle, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women and children with education and opportunity.

    Chris Butler is IPSoft's Chief Product Architect. Chris has over 19 years of product and business development experience at Microsoft, KAYAK, and Waze. He first got introduced to AI through graph theory and genetic algorithms during his CS Engineering degree at Boston University. Before IPsoft he was Philosophie's director of AI where he created techniques like Empathy Mapping for the Machine and Confusion Mapping to create cross-team alignment while building AI products.

    Naftali Cohen is a research scientist at AI Research, JP Morgan. He has over ten years of R&D work in numerical modeling, predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI in both academic and industrial settings.

    Before joining JP Morgan, Dr. Cohen worked as an academic researcher at Yale University and Columbia University. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences - NYU. Dr. Cohen is a MacCracken fellow and an elected member of the International Space Science Institute.

    Dexter Garcia is Co-Founder and CSO at Audio UX. Dexter is an audio branding strategist developing sonic identities for global brands.

    This event is made possible with the support of voiceoftheflashbriefing.com and Betaworks Studios.

  • Is the Way You're Designing Conversational Voice Interfaces Designed to Fail?

    We feature two expert speakers on conversational voice for this event, Mark Webster from Adobe and Rebecca Evanhoe from Amazon Web Services.

    The majority of voice interfaces are experienced as assistants whose goal is to appear as “human” as possible. Siri, Alexa, Cortana all have names, genders, and the same inflections and intonations as real people. They even tell us jokes. As creators, we’re approaching voice experiences as conversational, and we talk of voice being a “natural” medium, liberated from the constraints and conventions inherent in other interfaces.

    For skill building past the assistants on these platforms, Mark proposes that all in on human-like is the wrong approach, destined for failure and holding back true ubiquity for voice-first user experiences.

    In the first session, Mark will discuss how we’ve been ignoring the lessons user experience design has to teach us about each time a new form of digital interaction has been introduced, why voice isn’t much different, and what we all should do to overcome the hurdles surrounding voice and design, outlining potential solutions to challenges in the market and what that means for the future of voice.

    While casual language or customized greetings seem like a human touch, they're not what makes a bot meaningfully engage on a more human level. Rebecca will share what you should focus on instead.

    **Make sure and get your ticket at Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/is-the-way-youre-designing-conversational-and-voice-interfaces-designed-to-fail-tickets-68008269565?tm_source=partner&utm_medium=email&utm_content=lfm

    Event Schedule:

    6:00 PM Networking & Food, Beer
    6:30 PM Kickoff & Sponsors (Betaworks Studios)
    6:35 PM Mark Webster, Director at Adobe
    7:20 PM Rebecca Evanhoe, Conversation Designer at AWS
    8:00 PM Extended Q&A followed by networking

    Presentation Summaries:

    Talk 1 - Mark Webster, Adobe

    In this session, Mark Webster will discuss how we’ve been ignoring the lessons user experience design has to teach us about each time a new form of digital interaction has been introduced, why voice isn’t much different, and what we all should do to overcome the hurdles surrounding voice and design, outlining potential solutions to challenges in the market and what that means for the future of voice.

    This session will discuss:

    Why much of language isn’t natural, but based on system requirements

    What 1980’s-era Apple has to teach us about voice today

    A “post-conversational” user experience design approach for Voice

    What the future holds for voice and digital experiences

    Talk 2 - Rebecca Evanhoe, AWS

    People often equate “conversational” to using friendly or casual language, or perhaps adding a personalized touch like a customized greeting.

    Making a bot conversational isn’t what people think sharing an in-depth example of how context — on a sentence level — makes your bot feel most human.

    Speaker Bios:

    Mark Webster is Director of Product at Adobe, focusing on voice integration for Adobe XD. He is also responsible for driving product strategy for emerging technologies within XD. Mark joined Adobe through the acquisition of the company he founded, Sayspring, which offers a design and prototyping platform for voice interfaces.

    Prior to Sayspring, Mark was Director of Product for Groupon, focusing on entertainment and events. He landed at Groupon after SideTour, an e-commerce marketplace for local activities he co-founded, was acquired by Groupon in September 2013. Mark started his career with a five-year stretch at the National Basketball Association, where he worked in Creative Services.

    Rebecca Evanhoe is a conversational designer for Amazon Web Services’ Emerging Technologies team, and an author. 8 years as a conversational designer, she has created virtual characters for conversation-based learning games, chatbots for fun and service, and interactive voice experiences.


    This event is made possible with the support of Betaworks Studios.