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Embodied shared passion is one of the deepest and most meaningful experiences for us as humans. Love and intimacy are at the core our primal life force. How can we channel and conduct this intensity in our lives and relationships? How can you widen your horizons of sensual delight while deepening who you are as a human being? How can you do this with safety and honesty, while navigating moment to moment changing cues from your partner?

Love and physical intimacy can be practiced, and deepened as a fulfilling art - few people actually work to expand their capacities in this area. Authentic tantra is the never ending dance between form and consciousness, yin and yang, reception and release. Reading books, and watching videos is no substitute for actual practice with real partners. In these Meetup events you will learn through practices designed to stretch and grow your capacity to conduct pleasure and communicate love. Come practice with others who are also committed to growing and learning in true deep intimacy.

These Meetup events are a safe place to practice and learn, whether you are single, married, or in relationship. All practices are done fully clothed. There is no nudity. The Meetup events are held in a superlative container of safety. The work and practices ARE challenging, as well as fun. Committed partnerships are honored and there is plenty of time to practice with your partner, as well as times when you will be practicing with other people.

These meetup events are hosted by Christopher Sunyata, drawing upon his decades of practice and study under masters of yoga, Taoist practices, and Buddhist meditation. Christopher teaches people how to access their own depth by learning to listen to and trust their body, reclaiming passion and life energy that is their birthright, and creating intimate relationships that deepen in love and chemistry over the years.

Prior to coaching he was a successful international project manager responsible for over a billion dollars in revenue, a medical device engineer with seven patents, and a ceramic artist. He has raised four children, two of his own, including one who has significant disabilities. He lives in Boulder, Colorado and Molokai, Hawaii with his wife Karlene.

Web: http://christophersunyata.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ChristopherSunyataCoaching/

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