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Denver, CO

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Nov 26, 2012


Veteran of the internet advertising industry, having worked at DoubleClick/Google for 10+ years. Specializing in data driven marketing strategies across channels

What interests you in working with Big Data?

Feeling the Power!!! Seriously, one of the biggest challenges/bottlenecks we used to have was crunching massive data sets, even using distributed Oracle & SQL Server DB's (before DoubleClick went on the Google stack)

What Big Data technologies are you most interested in?

Everything really, starting with the most popular NoSQL databases and map/reduce applications, and including analytics platforms, especially apps designed for end user consumption.

Have you used Hadoop before?

As of early 2013 I've only tested Hadoop in the sandbox environment, and would love to expand my use.

Which tools in the Hadoop ecosystem have you used? (Hive, Pig, Flume, etc ...)

None yet!