What we're about

“I feel I have a higher calling. I don’t know what it is.”
"I don’t know my purpose, I feel lost."
"HELP!! I’m an empath and I am absorbing other people’s bad juju."
"Where do I find others like me? (LOL)."

We've been there, and we are here to help. We are lightworkers, celestial shamans, starseeds, and healers of all kinds here to help raise the vibration of the planet. Let's do this together.

Join us in casual gatherings and ceremonial events to
- Get to know others who are assisting humanity in the collective ascension process
- Discuss the role of the lightworker / healer in today's world
- Connect with higher realms, cosmic beings and divine forces
- Upgrade and align to your soul purpose / merge with higher self
- Remove blocks, debug, and defrag your system
- Activate your gifts and personal light codes

We are also here to assist those who wish to speak light language or who have started speaking and would like to connect with others like them.

If you were drawn to this group, just show up.

Facilitated by Angelica Grace Solii (formerly Liz Grace), of AngelicaSolii.com

Angelica Grace started speaking light language spontaneously. She works with her celestial guidance team to bring light-coded messages and transmit healing frequencies that align you to your higher self and help you to step into your soul purpose.


***Starseeds / lightworkers / empaths / ascension / 5D / Beyond5D / Light Codes***

***Vibe higher / heal / awaken / activate / ascend***

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Starseed Connection Call

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Celestial Shaman-Priestess 10-Week Initiation (Online)

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