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"Intuition leads to Synchronicities,
Synchornicities lead to Flow.
Flow leads to Joy.
Joy is the Heart of the Light Side of the Force."
--Yoda's Mom

A new spirituality is emerging, rooted in the worldview that consciousness affects reality. More and more of us are developing and trusting senses beyond the First Five.

What implications does that have for our lives? This is a phenomenal time to be alive. Culturally, this period of time might be looked back on similarly to the Renaissance of DaVinci ... or even (BOLD claim) the emergence of the conscious mind.

Is spontaneous evolution of a species possible?
We all know we have senses that extend well beyond our first five.
Intuition is one of those senses.
Intuition is clearest when the mind is settled, during meditation, but that's not enough.

In this meetup group, we will learn drills and skills for making peace between our LOGICAL minds and our INTUITIVE MIND.

A new layer of consciousness seems to be unfolding, as more and more of us are learning to develop and trust senses beyond our first five. As we live more and more by our Intuition, we begin to notice the synchronicities converging in our lives in seemingly illogical ways. For me, the shift from the thinking mind to the feeling mind happened over the course of 3 years, and I experienced what they're now calling, "brain fog," during that period. This shift was SCARY and LONELY when it happened for me.

And yet, it's true. The magnitude of the interconnectedness of all things is truly beyond comprehension.

MY book, INTUITION is 20/20, is an inspiring message that there are more of us out there who are going through this at-times terrifying metamorphosis of healing and re-birth and learning how to consciously create the lives and future vision of the Earth we truly desire to live upon.

"Thoughts are things," my grandmother, the Blue, would frequently remind us, children.

So let's come together for the purposes of co-creating a more beautiful world. And allow our children to teach their parents well.

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Intuition is 20/20 ~ bi-weekly SUCCESS CIRCLES

Upslope Brewing

Intuition is 20/20

Meadows Branch Boulder Library

Intuition is 20/20 ~ bi-weekly SUCCESS CIRCLES

Boulder Public Library - Main Branch

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