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Boulder FoodTech (https://www.boulderfoodtech.com/) is working to build a community of passionate people interested in exploring and discussing the worlds of Food, Ag, Tech, and Sustainability from Boulder, CO

We do this through a series of networking meetups, speakers and events to educate and inspire, and other community gatherings.

Our events are an opportunity to network, learn, collaborate, discuss new ideas and models, or just general exercise your curiosity for building a better future for food!

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Food+Tech Happy Hour with the Flatiron School (Boulder Startup Week)

**HOSTED DURING BOULDER STARTUP WEEK** Interested in Tech? Interested in Food? And Beer? Come mix and mingle with awesome the incredible Food and Tech startup communities in Boulder! The world needs more collaboration, and we are bringing together two of Boulder's most influential startup communities - food and tech. The more we can get these communities to mix the more creative, collaborative ideas we can build! This event is being hosted with the Flatiron School, a 15 week software engineering immersive school new to Denver. Your first beer is free! Snacks and small picking food will be available. Here's a link to boulder startup week food events! --> https://boulderstartupweek2019.sched.com/overview/type/Food

Startup Weekend Food+Tech (by Techstars)

5541 Central Ave

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE --> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/techstars-startup-weekend-boulder-foodtech-edition-round-2-tickets-49956015788 Your FoodTech idea in 54 hours What is Startup Weekend? A 2.5 day new idea accelerator/sprint where members of the community pitch new ideas, test those ideas, and try to put together some form of validation/MVP (minimum viable product) over the course of a single weekend. It's a lot of fun and a great experience for all those involved!On the event website I linked to above, you can see a rough schedule for how we plan to have the weekend run. For this Startup Weekend event in particular, our focus is on food + tech. We will try to have participants focus on the growing issues in the entire value chain, providing solutions where we can utilize technology to solve issues in our food system. I thought you would be a perfect judge to help crown the winner of the prize package! What do we mean when we say "FoodTech"? For a great overview of what we are talking about, we suggest checking out the following blog posts: (1) AgFunder Blog on "What is Agrifood Tech?"(Agrifood Tech = FoodTech for our purposes) (2) Techstars Farm-to-Fork blog post on areas of interest related to the "digital side of the food industry" (3) Techstars Farm-to-Fork blog post on results from last year's program and additional areas of interest for 2019 If you don't have time to look, here's what you need to know... Gllobally, food and agriculture is a >$8 trillion industry. It is also the largest employer of people, responsible for almost 40% of jobs globally. However, there increasingly significant pressures being placed on the global food system. These pressures include: a growing global population set to reach 9 billion in 2050 climate change and global warming changing consumer demands including increased demand for meat protein in emerging markets and less processed food in the western world limited natural resources, particularly land and water food waste: in the US, 40% of food that’s grown is wasted and food loss and waste account for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. In developing countries, that figure can be even higher, with particular challenges around logistics and refrigeration consumer health issues and chronic disease; more than one-third of US adults are obese and 17% of children and adolescents aged 2–19 years, with similar statistics in the UK. As the AgFunder post states, FoodTech solutions "can help to mend many of these bridges, make the agrifood industry more sustainable, transparent, agile, and able to respond more quickly to changing consumer demands. Issues such as food waste, which occurs across the food chain, can be better solved with a more holistic view of the industry, for example. Viewing agrifood as a single industry that spans the value chain from farm to fork can also help engage consumers early with technologies that go into food production to avoid backlash, and raise awareness of issues on the farm such as soil health and environmental impact." These solutions can cover the entire value chain, from the Farm to the Fork. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to) the following areas in need of innovation: Agriculture and aquaculture: raising crops, livestock, and seafood Manufacturing agricultural inputs: agrichemicals, farm machinery, seeds, livestock pharmaceuticals, and other supplies Food processing: the preparation of fresh products, manufacture of prepared food products and ingredients Non-food processing: extraction of bioenergy and biomaterials from agricultural crops and products Marketing, wholesale and distribution, logistics, transportation, and warehousing Retail and foodservice: grocery, farmers’ markets, restaurants, and other retailing Consumer cooking and food discovery Regulation: food quality, food security, and food safety Research and development Financial services Yes, the food system is big, it's kind of scary, and it's definitely complex - but it is in desperate need of change! Together at Startup Weekend we can start to work as a community to tackle these challenges. Boulder is an incredible place to work towards this change, take a holistic view of the system, and develop creative, brand new ideas to address problems in the food system! Doesn't matter who are you - you have something to contribute! So come out and help us change the food system for the better! So, what is our particular Startup Weekend about? This Startup Weekend Food+Tech will be all about the intersection of Food, Agriculture, Technology, and Sustainability. While consumer brands and packaged goods play a large role in the system, that is certainly NOT our only focus. We need to think more broadly, more holistically and start thinking about throughout the whole system! If we intend to feed a population of 9 billion people by 2050, then we need to start thinking about how to make our food system more sustainable and more efficient. Technology with play a key role along the entire value chain - agriculture/production, distribution, processing/manufacturing, retail and CPG, and waste. We need entrepreneurs from various backgrounds working together at the intersection of food, agriculture, and technology to help build a better future! Boulder has developed two amazing startup communities - a food startup community and a tech startup community. It's time those communities collaborate and started working towards building the future of food! We need all the brain power and talent Boulder has to offer! Techstars Startup Weekend is the place to look for a team, create a prototype of your idea, validate your business idea, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, all in one weekend. Come join us!

Boulder FoodTech: Networking Happy Hour

Sanitas Brewing Co.

Come out, grab a beer and get to know your fellow Boulder FoodTech members. Let's get people in Boulder's Food community to start collaborating with people in its Tech community!

Boulder FoodTech: Networking Happy Hour

Sanitas Brewing Co.

Come out, grab a beer and get to know your fellow Boulder FoodTech members. Let's get people in Boulder's Food community to start collaborating with people in its Tech community!

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