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Authentic Relating is my passion and purpose and the most poignant path of intimacy i have found. I am excited to share and expand it's practice in community together with you all!

Authentic Relating, as i am speaking about it for this group, is a practice of communicating with others what is really going on inside our bodies, emotions and heads and hearing and responding to those same things in others. It’s a dropping of (or at least noticing) the masks, control tactics, performing, withholding, hiding, lying, denying, blaming and lots more in exchange for exploring and sharing honestly our emergent truths – without controlling each other or the outcome. It’s equal part spiritual mindfulness practice and equal part creating new pathways for being and growing together in relationship. In this practice we find relating to be deep, surprising, playful, moving and re-orienting as we shift from patterns to presence.

There are many ways to be authentic, but this group is designed to teach and practice a specific kind of authentic relating that can be used as a foundation to deepen all other ways of relating.

You should join this group if you are passionate about learning about yourself, your patterns, your essence, your truth and if you want to relate more intimately through authentic, compassionate and honest means.

I plan to host some large group intro nights to experientially introduce authentic relating and test the waters for those of you new to this. Once a group has formed I plan to host a 6 week closed session that meets with the same people for 6 weeks and will cost $90 per person. I will also be doing one-on-one practice sessions if you'd like to get an experience that way.

My Experience:

I have been training in all things inner growth and relationship oriented for the past 20 years - some of those include: Naropa University, Hakomi Body-based Psychotherapy, Matrix Group Dynamics, Contact Improvisation dance, Path of Love, Circling, T-Group, RAP (Relationship as Path), Radical Honesty, Transparent Communication and an amazing Medicine Journey recently.

A.H. Almaas says this: “Learning to be real is a full-time job. It doesn’t work to just practice it at certain times. But to make that kind of commitment, you have to love and appreciate reality. You have to want to be real at any cost. You have to love being real – even if you don’t like what you’re feeling or who you think you are in any particular moment. That kind of love is the real inspiration for our inner work”.

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