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The aim of this group is to provide practical tools allowing us each to reconnect to our Inner Divinity. Much of humanity has become identified with the searching for divinity, or The Being, externally and fails to understand that everything we need can be found inside of ourselves.

By working with meditation and esoteric psychology we will discover for ourselves what it means to awaken consciousness. It is our consciousness that has the ability to make a true change in our lives, and it is the consciousness that can provide us with real happiness.

When we turn our attention inwards can we start to work with the consciousness. This group is a community of people who, through practice and study, will restore balance in our hearts and lives.

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Power of the Breath & Awakening the Consciousness
Dream Yoga

Boulder Public Library - Main Library

Wisdom Through The Chakras

Body Work Bistro

Dream Yoga

Boulder Public Library - Main Library

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