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This is a group open to all nature photographers interested in learning to create more impactful and powerful imagery. There will be special emphasis placed on the individual creative process and expression. This group will be open and highly beneficial to photographers of all levels. There will be classroom style presentations at the Boulder public library as well as sunrise or sunset excursions in and around the front range.

I have been a professional award-winning nature photographer for 15 years. I offer Photo Workshops, VisionQuest Photo Retreats as well as small group and private mentoring to both beginner, amateur and professional photographers.

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Reveal and Conceal - The Mystery and Magic of Great Image Processing

Boulder Public Library - Main Library

NO IMAGE PROCESSING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Regardless of whether you've never processed and image before or consider yourself a master, this presentation will crack your creativity wide open. This will likely be a paradigm shift in how you think about image processing. In a simple demonstration of "reveal and conceal" I'll teach you how the quality and control of light ultimately determines color, shape, texture, and detail in every image you make. Once you understand how the quality of light impacts color, shape, texture, and detail, you can influence the viewers' experience. Because light controls mood and emotion! Great image processing is visual storytelling. Light, either reveals or conceals the parts of the story we want our viewers to see or not see. Master these principles and we can more deeply connect our viewers with the story and experience we want to tell. What you WILL learn: • How to develop 3-5 simple and clear developmental objectives for every image you edit. • How to create more emotion in your images. • To recognize how light impacts color, shape, texture, and detail. • How to create amazing color without touching the saturation slider. • What are the most essential sliders and why? • How your edited image can fully express what you felt at the time of capture. What you WON'T learn: • How to randomly move sliders in hopes of creating eye candy imagery. • How to develop formula drive recipes that are the same for every image. SPECIAL NOTES: * I'll be processing one or two of my own images while talking you through the sequence step by step. So please bring a note pad and pen. * THIS PRESENTATION WILL BE VIDEOTAPED - But you won't be seen in the recording.

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Eldorado Canyon Sunrise Shoot - Creative Compositions

South Mesa Trailhead


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