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Baking Accessibility into Design at Workday

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Jake Lee H. and Chris C.
Baking Accessibility into Design at Workday


We're going remote this month! The event will be held via Zoom. This month we have an amazing group from Workday presenting. Don't miss it!


Most often, accessibility is an afterthought, something that is added in by development before a product is shipped. However, accessibility, creating an experience that is usable by everyone, begins with design. Workday has begun to make huge strides in reversing that afterthought mentality and truly baking accessibility into the way we approach building our products.

How did we do that? We’ll share with you where we started, where we’re at now, all we’ve accomplished, and where we’re headed. While Workday is becoming a leader in the accessibility space, we know this is a never ending journey. Hopefully you’ll be able to join us along the way.

Our speakers:

Erica Ellis, Inclusive Design + Research (

Emma Siegel, Inclusive Design + Research (

Sam Smith, Accessibility Subject Matter Expert (

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