What we're about

Welcome to Boulder Ving Tsun Kung Fu!

If you’re looking for top quality ving tsun (wing chun) kung fu training, then you’ve found home! We train in the Ip Man – Moy Yat – Moy Tung lineage, traditional and unmodified.

You’ll enjoy training Boulder Ving Tsun Kung Fu if:

- You want to learn how to defend yourself in a fight. No tournament or sport training, you may need to fight one or more attackers and must end the conflict quickly to protect yourself or others.

- You want to get in better shape. Ving Tsun Kung Fu is a total body workout.

- You love to challenge yourself mentally and physically. Ving Tsun is a thinking person’s martial art.

- You are curious about how to live “Kung Fu Life”, and how the principles of being in the Ving Tsun Kung Fu system bring improvement to all aspects of your life.

- You want to train in a relaxed, inclusive environment, where seniors and juniors can work out cooperatively so that people of all skill levels may improve themselves.

- You wish to train a martial art system that is functional to all body types and levels of beginning athleticism. Ving Tsun was created for a woman by a woman and is excellent for everyone.

Who we are:

Sifu Bryan Pierce, student to Moy Yat Tung for over 20 years, moved to Boulder in 2017 and now offers ving tsun kung fu training to the Boulder community. Sifu Bryan previously taught in Iowa City, Iowa, at his Sifu’s school from 2004-2017. Sifu Bryan has been a lifelong lover of martial arts and found the Moy family ving tsun (wing chun) to be home after years of training several other arts.

How to get the most of your kung fu training:

Show up and work out!

You get out what you put in, that’s not only time in class physically working out, but also any home training to do and HOW you practice. Ving tsun kung fu is a thinking person’s martial art. Attention to detail and contemplating your training is very important to absorb and retain kung fu that is automatic, relaxed, functional and powerful when it is needed most.

Consistency over time will yield greater gains than short burst of training, however, everyone is different and some schedules only allow for certain amounts of training. That’s OK too. A kung fu life is a long life and people are ready when they are ready. Your circumstances may change over time, whether you train for a year or two to gain proficiency in the system, or find yourself in a long term commitment with your kung fu training. All are welcome.

Also check out our website: https://www.kungfuboulder.com/

What’s next:

Look for our next free event and RSVP right away!

Schedule a semi-private lesson with Sifu Bryan here: https://www.kungfuboulder.com/introductory-lesson/

We look forward to meeting you and opening the door to a new you.

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Free Kung Fu in the Park

North Boulder Park

Free Kung Fu in the Park

North Boulder Park

Free Kung Fu in the Park

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Free Kung Fu in the Park

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