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Boulder Digital Arts (BDA) offers over 300 events a year specifically for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and creative digital professionals, including many free social and networking events, affordable classes and workshops, a shared coworking space, private offices, a greenscreen production studio, and lots more! Check out our website at www.boulderdigitalarts.com for all the info on events and networking opportunities, and be sure to get listed in our free directory of creative digital professionals!

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Digital Project Management Certificate Program

Boulder Digital Arts

In this certificate program, you will gain the real-world skills and knowledge needed to manage world-class digital projects such as websites and mobile applications. This class will cover the processes used to build digital applications with a heavy focus on the deliverables and disciplines needed to bring a digital vision into reality. Complete Schedule: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 | 6–9 PM Thursday, January 24, 2019 | 6–9 PM Monday, January 28, 2019 | 6–9 PM Wednesday, January 30, 2019 | 6–9 PM Program Description: It's hard to say when digital applications came into existence, but it's hard to ignore their ubiquity and our reliance on them. Most of us interface with digital applications for much of our waking life. From communication, to friendships, to entertainment, to travel and finances there are very few aspects of our lives that don't include a digital component. The shepherds of this wizardry are Digital Project Managers (DPMs). DPMs are the connective tissue that enable high-performing digital specialists to take a vision from back-of-the-napkin sketches into reality. These are the folks who work with clients and product managers to define the vision and organize the team that can fully realize that vision. During this four-evening course, you'll learn the fundamentals of building digital applications. After grounding you in the basics of Project Management and the definition of the DPM role, we'll take a deeper dive into the specialists and the key deliverables needed to build your digital project. With that as a foundation, we will then show you how to connect these elements together through detailed planning and scheduling. We'll also cover some deliverables and milestones that are becoming popular, and that can be useful depending on the type of project. Finally, we'll address some of the tools that are in the utility belt of a typical DPM'er. The course will consist of instruction and hands-on experiences to help you hit the ground running on your own digital projects. For the program agenda, more information and to register (required), please visit the BDA website: https://www.boulderdigitalarts.com/training/details.php?offering=584&source=meetup

Getting Started with JavaScript and jQuery

Boulder Digital Arts

What You'll Learn: Learning JavaScript enables you to create enhanced user interfaces and dynamic, interactive websites. If you're comfortable with HTML and CSS but have never done any programming, this workshop will get you started with an overview of JavaScript and its capabilities. Through engaging lecture, this workshop demonstrates JavaScript fundamentals, including variables, statements, expressions, arrays, objects, and functions. You'll learn how to integrate JavaScript into your website and get a foundation for using JavaScript libraries such as jQuery. This workshop will cover: *Brief history of JavaScript *Client-side JavaScript and the DOM *Server-side JavaScript *Firefox Web Console and Scratchpad *Adding JavaScript to a web page *Link statement, external js file - like JQuery *Embedded code, limit scope of program *Variables - types, declaring, evaluating, scope, globals and locals *Arrays - types, declaring, basic functions *Objects - some basic examples and operations *Functions - creating, calling, passing parameters, scope *Recursion, Nesting, Closures *Using JQuery - getting it, linking it, understanding it *Using JQueryUI - examples *Other JavaScript Libraries For the program agenda, more information, and to register (required), please visit the BDA website: https://www.boulderdigitalarts.com/training/details.php?offering=385&source=meetup

Free Monthly Photo Critiques at BDA

Boulder Digital Arts

Bring your photography to Boulder Digital Arts for a FREE monthly group photography critique, facilitated by award-winning photographer Gretchen Troop. Gretchen and other members of the group will offer constructive feedback on all aspects of your photograph. The intention of these critiques is to teach you to analyze your own photography, both technically and compositionally, to continually get better as a photographer. The groups will be small, so everyone has a chance to participate, so please register now ON THE BDA WEBSITE to secure your spot - https://www.boulderdigitalarts.com/training/details.php?offering=644 We look forward to you showing up with an open mind towards new possibilities in improving your photographs and your enjoyment of photography!

Adobe Premiere Pro Hands-On

Boulder Digital Arts

Please note: Registration is required on the BDA website: http://www.boulderdigitalarts.com/training/details.php?offering=432&source=meetup What You'll Learn: Video. The world seems to be all about video these day, but shooting alone does not create a masterpiece. Learning the eye and techniques of video editing is needed. Editing is deciding what stays vs. what goes. It's building a product that really gets across that "oh so important" message. Adobe Premiere Pro is an editing software for professionals. It allows you to cut and paste, pick and choose, assemble, fine tune and polish all the clips you worked so hard to capture. This one-day, hands-on intensive will cover: *Input - pulling your video or "media" from the source to a hard drive *Organization - starting/opening a Premiere Pro project, organizing your unedited material and prepping for editing *Interface - a quick tour and rehash of the Premiere Pro User interface including the tools and the many panels *Basic edits - how to separate the good from the not-so-good parts of a shot and how to assemble them into a sequence that will be your final "movie" *Audio - how to recognize and adjust the audio for your needs *Fine Tuning - how to clean up your rough edit into a polished product *Effects - an overview of Premiere Pro offered effects and titles *Output - prepping your piece for export out of Premiere Pro for multiple sources It's going to be a jam-packed day of software operation and process skill-training, giving you the tools you'll need to put the pieces together for a professional polished look at the end. For more information and to register (required), please visit http://www.boulderdigitalarts.com/training/details.php?offering=432&source=meetup

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