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What we’re about

Exoculture, Exoconsciousness, and Exopolitics.
The extraterrestrial presence and its implications.
BoulderExo is a local forum designed to encourage awareness and discussion of the extraterrestrial issues including exoculture, the cultural practices of extra-terrestrials, exoconsciousness, the extraterrestrial dimensions of human consciousness and exopolitics which is the policy debate of the choices that government and populations need to make in response to the presence of extraterrestrials in human affairs.
For over 60 years the UFO National Reporting Center has documented tens of thousands of UFO sightings. While many of these can be explained as earth phenomenon, a sizeable percentage cannot. Some of these unidentified craft have demonstrated capabilities far beyond human engineering. Even more impressive of the reality of UFOs are the testimonies given by 400 military, business and industry whistleblowers gathered by Dr. Steven Greer in the Disclosure Project. This is must reading for any serious student of the UFO-ET field.
For decades the public has been amused and entertained by the UFO/ ET theme. It has threaded its way through our movies, TV mini- series, and children’s Saturday morning comics. The advertisement industry has made millions from it. Quietly, however in the background there has been a steady release of real information from France, England, Brazil, and Mexico. Recently, there has even been a softening of attitude of the media; polls are showing a growing openness in the public. When a large silver disk appears over O’Hare airport or when Larry King interviews three airline pilots who testify about their UFO sightings, the social fabric begins to shift.
Boulder is a young, vibrant city. Its residents are open-minded. There have, over the years, been remarkable programs presented on the topic of UFOs/ETs. Boulder.Exo will be an additional place where up-coming events, workshops, courses and articles will be posted.

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