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Early Bird ends October 18th! Register today for the 2019 Progressive Web Experience & next level your Web Skills!

The 2019 Progressive Web Experience is THE event that brings together web developers and architects who are changing the face of the web. You will gain a deeper understanding of emerging technologies, fresh ideas, and best practices.

Mastering the mobile web using Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Progressive Enhancement techniques is a critical success factor. PWX 2019 is an unmatched opportunity to build your front-end development skills.

PWX 2019 will offer over 90 sessions/workshops on:

*PWAs, Angular, React, Vue.js, JavaScript, TypeScript,
*Security, Testing, Tooling,
*Redux, WebComponents, and more.

Date: Dec 1-4th
Location: Clearwater, FL
Venue: Opal Sands
Pricing: $2,025/person good thru 10/18

JUG Discount: $100 use the code: jug100pwx

Group Discount Available for 5 or more!

PWX 2019 Featured Speakers
Sia Karamalegos - F! ounder & Lead Developer with Clio + Calliope
Michael Carducci - Tech Leader, Vue Expert & Full Stack Developer
Venkat Subramaniam - Founder of Agile Developer, Inc.
Raju Gandhi - CTO Integrallis Software & Technophile
Matt Vaughn - Author of "Custom Angular Modules"
Matt Raible - Developer Advocate at Okta
Lyndsey Padget - Founder & Lead Developer at Longplay Software
Brian Sletten - Forward Leaning Software Engineer
Yakov Fain - Author of two editions of "Angular Development with TypeScript"
Craig Walls - Author of Spring in Action
Christopher Lorenzo - Distinguished Engineer @ Comcast
John Riviello - Distinguished Engineer @ Comcast
Maxim Salnikov - Azure Developer Technical Lead at Microsoft
Mike Hartington - Ionic Developer Advocate
Danny Brian - Designer, Developer, Mentor
Peter Pavlovich - CTO, Cens! inet

Optional Full Day Workshops: December 1st
PWX 2019 offers 7 optional full-day workshops, including:

- Creating React Applications
- Developing Talking Applications with Alexa and Google Assistant
- Get in the Fast Lane: Measuring Web Performance
- Rust + WebAssembly
- Sharing Components Across Frameworks
- Using the Web Platform Power in Angular to the Fullest
- VueJS: The last front-end framework you will ever need

All Inclusive Travel Packages
Save time and money. We are offering all inclusive travel packages that include: conference registration, 3 or 4
nights lodging (depending on package), and airfare (within the continental US).

We hope you will join us!

Jay Zimmerman
PWX 2019 Symposium Director

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