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This group is for people interested in developing skills for healthier relationships-- with self, partners, and community. This group was started out of a passion for building community that supports happy partnerships. We look forward to learning from you, supporting you individually, and fostering our groups to do the same!

About your organizer, Sarah Lila Oswald:

I’ve been in love with the group experience for as long as I can remember. Always part of teams, ensembles, casts and cohorts. Studying acting, dance and gymnastics as a young girl. Performing in musical theater off-off-Broadway through high school. Working as a stage director, designer and technician for 10 years. There is a great joy in being a member that belongs. It’s a sweetness that cannot quite be compared.

I am also deeply familiar with the pain that bonded groups can cycle through-- in larger circles and in also in pairs. I am committed to helping relationships be satisfying and fulfilling-- and avoiding pain when possible.

I’m guessing that part of why you’re here is you're yearning to have more meaningful connections.

I offer:

Relationship coaching for couples

Wedding Officiating

Couples Canoe Trip in Utah’s Labyrinth Canyon, May, 2019

You can find more information: http://www.LeadYourLoveLife.com

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A Living Group Experience

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