Building the Foundation with Azure Databricks by Stian Ulriksen


1st PRESENTATION -Rattling Tech Talks on Topics. We will have one member present.

Building the Foundation with Azure Databrick

Azure Databricks is a managed Azure service that allows you to easily perform data computations in a cluster. Databricks has multiple use cases including ETL and data science. This presentation will give beginners all of the information necessary to get started in Databricks and will include a demo that implements a fuzzy matching algorithm across a cluster using Python.

Stian Ulriksen has half a decade of experience working in data science and data engineering across a variety of fields both professionally and academically. Stian has demonstrated advanced skills in developing and deploying data science models and algorithms to help organizations understand their data. Stian also specializes in developing intuitive visualizations and reports to communicate data and technical terminology in an easy-to-understand manner for clients.

5:30 Pizza and networking
6:00 Meeting starts, introductions, announcements (punctual start)
6:15 First Presentation (TBD)
6:45 Main Presentation(Exploring SQL Server containers in Docker & Kubernetes)
8:00 Wrap-up, Q/A, address technical issue of the group
8:15 Meeting ends

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