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What we’re about

This is a group for anyone interested in keeping up to date on Blazor and Azure DevOps as this exciting shift towards C# and .Net in the browser with WebAssembly continues to develop at pace. <br>

Aimed at anyone with an interest in Blazor .NET and all the other .NET considerations and ideas along the way including deployment and the full dev lifecycle. <br>

We aim to keep everyone engaged during our events by splitting into two halves, firstly a more high-level topic for those that are new to Blazor or want to reinforce their existing knowledge, followed by a more in-depth topic from a guest speaker and rounded up at the end with some key takeaways, resources, giveaways, prizes, and questions.

We will aim to share knowledge, invite some guest speakers, and gain some valuable insights from a technology perspective.

Really looking forward to sharing some new ideas and developer thinking.


Please Note*

This is a group that has been created for online events only where you can join in presentations and online learning, all from the comfort of your own home. We are aware that many use this platform to meet in person and meet socially but we have created it for busy people who already have many responsibilities with secular activities and families but would still like to benefit from learning new technology or just curious as to what Blazor is all about. From the feedback we have received from some well-known guest speakers, they really appreciate being able to deliver talks online which saves on, quite often long journeys to travel down, and it also enables us to reach out to really capable people anywhere in the world, which we think is awesome!


Look forward to seeing you next time!