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Building a Blazor WASM & Tailwind CSS search engine with Jon Hilton

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Carl R. and 2 others
Building a Blazor WASM & Tailwind CSS search engine with Jon Hilton


We'll open the Zoom meeting at 6:45 pm and aim to start the presentation at 7:00 pm sharp. This will give everyone time to join and get set up. Where possible, please join with your webcam enabled so we can get a more social ambiance.

Jon Hilton:
Jon spends his day's building applications using Microsoft technologies (plus, whisper it quietly, a little bit of JavaScript) and his spare time helping developers level up their skills and knowledge via his blog, courses, and books. He's especially passionate about enabling developers to build better web applications by mastering the tools available to them.

Talk 1:
Get Up and running with Blazor!

Talk 2:
Building a Blazor search engine!

  • More Details
    We are delighted to have Jon Hilton who will be conducting 2 Blazor presentations for us, the first aimed as an introduction to Blazor components and how to make use of them followed by a deeper dive into building a Blazor search engine with the UI being composed using Tailwind CSS.

Format of the evening:

[Presentation 1]

  • Get Up and running with Blazor
    An initial demo showcasing some of the key aspects of Blazor's component model, and how you can use them...

[Brief Intermission]

[Presentation 2]

  • Building a Blazor search engine
    Then dive into building a Marvel search engine, using Tailwind CSS.
    Demonstrating the process of iterating from simple requirements to something a bit more fully-functional, which also looks decent.

[Free giveaway from our sponsors]

[Open Discussion]
This is where we can open the floor to some questions, introductions, and some welcomed feedback.

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    If you would like to know more or become a future guest speaker please reach out to @Carl_Randall or visit the website:
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