Chris Sainty: Blazor Routing - What you need to know

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We'll open the Zoom meeting at 7:15 pm and aim to start the presentation at 7:30 pm sharp. This will give everyone time to join and get set up. Where possible, please join with your webcam enabled so we can get a more social ambiance. We will also be streaming Chris live over our various social channels but will only be taking questions over zoom.

How routing works within Blazor and its components. A look at all the various parts of routing in blazor combined with some live code demos.

What's the difference is between Blazor and Traditional Web Apps in terms of getting your routing wired up effectively.

Speaker Bio
Chris is a Microsoft MVP, software engineer and blogger with over 15 years of experience working with ASP.NET.

Chris is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the community and is an avid blogger and speaker. A strong believer in open source, he maintains several projects under the GitHub organisation, Blazored. He also contributes to other projects as much as possible. Chris is a proud member of the .NET Foundation.

You can find Chris online at his blog and on Twitter as @chris_sainty.

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This is where we can open the floor to some questions, introductions, and some welcomed feedback.

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