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Integrating WhatsApp, SMS to our web applications using Blazor

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Integrating WhatsApp, SMS to our web applications using Blazor


Adding communication channels to our web applications used to be hard. But with the advent of communication APIs, what was once a difficult, complex task has become extremely simple. In this talk, we'll explore how to add various communication channels such as WhatsApp, SMS to our web applications using Blazor. We'll also explore adding PSTN dial-in to our Blazor applications and enhancing those applications with some powerful features, such as speech transcription and translation.

Join us for this exciting 2 part presentation.

[Meeting Details]
We'll open the meeting at 7:15 pm and aim to start the presentation at 7:30 pm sharp. This will give everyone time to join and get set up. Where possible, please join with your webcam enabled so we can get a more social ambiance. We will also be streaming Steve live over our various social channels but will only be taking questions over zoom.

[Speaker Bio]
Steve Lorello got his start building .NET software while working on the Global Positioning System and has been obsessed with .NET development ever since. Today Steve works as the .NET Developer Advocate for Vonage by day and studies artificial intelligence and computer perception as a grad student at Georgia Tech by night.

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[Open Discussion]
This is where we can open the floor to some questions, introductions, and some welcomed feedback.

Twitter: @Carl_Randall

If you would like to know more or become a future guest speaker or would like to talk about some custom Blazor development please reach out, we would love to hear from you!

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