WordPress Bournemouth November Meetup


Last month had another great turn out and fantastic talk!

This month we have not one but two speakers: a lightning talk and the main talk. There will also be pizza and drinks supplied by our sponsors.

Multi-what??? (Lightning talk)

A day in the life of a “Super Admin”. A soft introduction into the scary world of WordPress Multisite.

Presented by Adam Cullen (https://twitter.com/addzycullen) - Developer at Orbital, commonly found behind a screen of some sort coding, gaming or binging a TV series.

Security, It Really Is Everyone's Responsibility.

Security is everyone's responsibility, but mostly yours. Looking at how sites get hacked and the ramifications Tim, guides people through how security is a joint responsibility and everyone has their part to play in it. The talk is less an introduction to security more a quick fire list of actionable things everyone can do regardless of level of ability

Presented by Tim Nash (https://twitter.com/tnash) - The WordPress Platform Lead and Developer Advocate for 34SP.com, he is also a author, videographer and even been known to give the occasional talk. He codes too, but not as much as he would like.

Pizza and drinks supplied by our sponsors.

6.30pm - Doors Open

6.45pm - Pizza

7.15pm - Talks


WordPress Bournemouth is an informal and friendly meet up for WordPress users, enthusiasts, and professionals. An opportunity to share and learn with WordPressers from in and around the Bournemouth area.

This event is open to all. From people who are wanting to learn more about the world's most popular content management system, to people who make their living with WordPress.

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