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Global Warming: Straight Talk and Solutions

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Global Warming: Straight Talk and Solutions

Tuesday Aug 12, Dr. Linda 'Diz' Swift and Kristen Walser will tag team to answer five common questions about global warming and present a solution that not only works, but will stimulate the economy, and won't grow government. 'Global Warming: Straight Talk and Solutions ' will be at 7pm at the Bozeman Public Library.

Dr. Swift was born and raised in Great Falls, started her studies at the University of Montana, and earned a bachelor’s degree in history, and master’s and doctoral degrees in geology from the University of Washington.

She worked for Chevron for over two decades as a scientist and executive. For the past 10 years she has been studying and speaking on climate change including serving as a guest lecturer on climate change and business at the New York University Stern Business School.

Dr. Swift will take on the questions like 'We had a really great snow year last winter, where's Global Warming now?', 'Hasn't global warming stopped?', and 'How do we know it's caused by people and not natural cycles?'.

Swift says, "Climate is not the same as weather. The trend since the late 19th century has been warming, but we still will see weather variability. Further, as the climate changes, some parts of the world may actually cool, like western Europe, with the weakening of the Gulf Stream."

Kristen Walser left her teaching career at Bozeman High School when she realized global warming wasn't far off in the future, but was already affecting the trees right outside her home.

As leader of the Bozeman Chapter of the non-partisan, national Citizens' Climate Lobby, Kristen will tackle 'What about China?' and 'Won't the solutions ruin the economy?' as she outlines a free market solution called carbon fee and dividend.

“We recycle, bought a used Prius, and generate our own energy from the sun, but the CO2 in the atmosphere keeps accumulating.” Walser said.

“Carbon fee and dividend is the first solution I've found that seems to be up to the task of turning the tide nationally and internationally by giving everyone, individuals and business alike, the incentive to cut emissions gradually and substantially.

Plus, it's the only solution with a chance to garner bipartisan support. It gives me hope.”

This talk is sponsored by Citizens' Climate Lobby and is free and open to the public. Contact [masked] for more information.

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