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This is an "Adult" Continuing Education Group, focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The idea here is to show how STEM can be inspired (and enjoyed!) without resorting to all the complexities which the title implies. STEM is an acronym used in primary, secondary and early college education to attract (usually younger) folks to the beauty of the physical world as first expounded by Aristotle, Newton, Kepler, DaVinci and the other masters.
Anyone can join this group, including interested high-school students, college students and, as the title implies, interested adults of all ages.
The format is round-table chatting about the physical sciences, posing questions and especially showing how some back-of-the-envelope ideas can lead us to insightful answers. The format is adaptable to a classroom environment or even a Zoom encounter over the Internet.
The "instructor" is a retired college professor. The format consists of the instructor posing and then answering his own questions for the edification of the attendants: what is gravity? why do satellites "stay up there"? What is "terminal velocity"? "Escape velocity"? What is a sonic boom? Can we ever have supersonic air transportation? What destroyed Cherlyabinsk? etc. etc. etc. etc. The format also allows each "student" to pose questions to the instructor far all to hear, and the answers are also publicly shown to all. Interactivity is thoroughly encouraged.

For the moment the "class" will be held remotely via computer conversations, with a view to meeting in person when the present pandemic subsides.

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