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Bozeman Investor Club supports the growing number of Bozemanites who are interested in building wealth, primarily focusing on creating positive passive investment income. Although real estate is our main focus, we encourage conversations on any investment tools that can increase cashflow.

The purpose of this group is encourage and teach each other to build passive investment income. We encourage each other by sharing in successes and failures as each member moves forward in their wealth building endeavors. We inspire each other by sharing knowledge and participating in education activities that are more impactful in a group setting (for example, guest speakers, book clubs, and playing educational board games). We also exchange ideas, observations and experiences with each other, on our paths to financial freedom. This is a chance for you to meet with like-minded people and develop personal relationships that will help propel you in your goal to building wealth.

Join us if you:
- Are passionate about generating positive cash flow income and attaining financial freedom
- Want to meet and exchange ideas and experiences with other positive, like-minded people
- Are interested in real estate, business and/or investing
- Want to have fun with a great group of people

Even if you don't meet all of the above criteria and are just curious, you are welcome to join us!

For more information visit http://www2.bozemaninvestorclub.com

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Dan Fortune: Achieving your Financial Goals with Real Estate

Keller Williams Montana Real Estate

Dan has a pretty incredible story. He was an employee until 2011 when he made the switch and started working to build passive income through real estate. Less than ten years later and he is to the point where, we had to book him quickly before he takes a leave of absence funded by real estate investment for a year traveling around the world. Dan has experience flipping, buy and hold, syndication and more. In addition to sharing his story (which should motivate and encourage you), he will be talking to our group about: 1. How to develop a clear plan for success in creating passive income through real estate, and 2. How to get started with innovative deal structures when you don't have $50,000 for a down payment

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