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Bozeman Paddling - Kayaking And Canoeing Meetup
Bozeman Paddling - Kayaking And Canoeing Meetup
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Our MeetUp site will resume charging dues of $15 per year.

Many sites are free. However, the MeetUp system is not free.
The MeetUp company CHARGES THE ORGANIZER a monthly fee automatically drawn from that person's checking account. The amount charged increases with the number of people shown as "members" even if we have never seen nor heard of them. So we do not want phantom members. We've created a $15 annual fee to cover the cost that would otherwise be taken from the organizer's bank account. It's easy to pay that $15 via a credit card using the MeetUp payment system. That annual fee also covers some reservation expenses, including a group site for our annual fall moonlight paddling party.

Anyone can join this group as a free member for an introductory period of getting to know us, but after about a month or two of not having paid the fee, the person will be automatically dropped.

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