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Let's close the exam period (or welcome the new year, take your pick) with a little collaborative coding.

What's this about?

We'll take turns writing code at a single computer to solve a well-known, but not completely trivial problem. This means the session will be much more interactive than the previous meetups, giving us a chance to have conversations around a (more or less) real problem. Most of the time we should only write code once everyone understands and agrees with the approach taken.

What's in it for me?

If you're new to Haskell, this is a great opportunity to see and take part in building something from scratch. There may be a lot of new concepts, so don't worry too much if you don't grok everything the first time. We'll try to find the right balance between learning and speed.

If you're a Haskell veteran, it's a good chance to both have interesting conversations, and to help others get started. Yes, this means there may be times when we spend time explaining something that's obvious for you - again, we'll have to try to find the right balance.

Maybe the biggest value is seeing how others approach problems, and how they translate it to code.

Hope to see you soon!

This is an English speaking event.

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