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LambdaCube 3D in Action (bring your laptop)

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Csaba H.



• [30 minutes] LambdaCube 3D Overview

• [unbounded] Live Examples & Coding Dojo

LambdaCube 3D Overview

LambdaCube 3D is a domain specific language and library that makes it possible to program GPUs in a purely functional style.

Csaba Hruska, the lead developer of LambdaCube 3D, will give us an overview of the current state of the language and their future roadmap.

Live Examples & Coding Dojo

Even though LambdaCube is perfectly pure, we'll get our hands (and minds) dirty by coding up some examples together. Don't worry about installing tools! All you'll need is a WebGL-capable browser.

Stay tuned for more details!

Nagymező utca 54-56. · Budapest