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Welcome to our meetup on brain-inspired machine learning algorithms! Our main goal is to foster the study and development of machine learning algorithms heavily inspired by neuroscience empirical and theoretical research.

We hold monthly sessions. These are the themes already discussed and planned for the following months:

Jul/19 (next): Continuous Learning
Aug/19: Sparse Representations


Oct/19: theme to be defined

Topics we will be covering in the next meetups:

- Structural Plasticity
- Object Representation and Composition
- Sensorimotor Integration
- Neuron Models with Active Dendrites
- Columns and Minicolumns
- Networks Without Backpropagation
(... to continue)
*might be changed or reordered at the community’s decision.

Seats are limited, so please make sure to confirm your attendance as early as possible.

NOTE: The initial meetings are sponsored by Numenta (food and room), but the meetup is not directly affiliated with Numenta. We welcome other sponsors and may move to a different location for some meetings.

Past events (2)

Sparsity in Neural Networks

791 Middlefield Rd

Brains@Bay - Review of Continuous Learning

791 Middlefield Rd

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