Meetup in Tilburg: Nash van Gool - Cryptography for mere mortals

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We would like to welcome you on our third BrabantPHP meetup. This meetup will take place in Tilburg at Indicia.

Starting time: 19:00 (with food).

Talk - Cryptography for mere mortals by Nash van Gool
Cryptography is one of those weird subjects, in that it is simultaneously really easy and really hard. We all use cryptography every day with next to no effort - whether we're hashing passwords or using HTTPS, cryptography is an integral part of what we do. When applying cryptography to our own code, we know not to roll our own, and to use readily made solutions. We also know to keep the private keys private and the secrets secret so the whole thing works as we intend it to. But do we really understand what we're doing and why we're doing it?

This talk aims to explain what cryptography is and does, where we apply it, where we should apply it, and some of the concerns that arise in doing so. It will do this in a little less detail and a little more practicality. Expect to hear about data at rest vs data in transit, symmetric vs asymmetric cryptography and why to use one over the other, why it's so important that we never ever ever roll our own crypto, and what kinds of mistakes we can make even when we don't.

About Nash van Gool
(Web) software developer, security enthusiast, avid gamer, and surprisingly social introvert. I enjoy both building and breaking things of all sorts, though more complicated usually means more fun! I'm particularly interested in how software can go horribly wrong, both on the tech side and on the human side, and how we can prevent and/or fix these issues.

About the location
The location is at the Indicia office near the Tilburg train station. You can park next to the Indicia office, as described here:

Indicia is a digital agency that can help an organization with about everything like websites, apps, campaigns and SEO / SEA. For more information, check their website

About the meetup:
• attending the meetup is free (as in free beer);
• free food (pizza) and free drinks are provided!;
• food is available between 19:00 and 19:30;
• the talk will start at 19:30;
• spoken language is English unless not necessary;
• the presentation is in English;
• suitable for novice to expert level;
• held at Indicia;
• free parking spaces are next to the building.