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"The Soul: A Workshop"
"The Soul: A Workshop" with Judith Snow There is a gap between the lower mind and the Soul. “The gap between the lower mind and the Soul has to be bridged…” This is a quote by The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul (D.K.) who wrote through the spiritual teacher Alice A. Bailey. He continues, “When the right method of training is instituted, the mind will be developed into a reflector or agent of the Soul, and so sensitized to the world of true values, that the lower nature—physical, emotional and mental will become simply the automatic servant of the Soul.” The Esoteric Teachings tell us that we have a lower mind, a reasoning principle. It is that which our educational systems deal. And we have a higher principle called the Soul. And yet there is a third principle that is higher than the Soul and is often called The Spiritual Triad. “Let us search for the thread of gold which will lead us, in waking consciousness, into the treasure house of our own Souls…” Today’s topic will focus on this second principle, The Soul. We will study together and share our knowledge and experience of our own Soul. Facilitator, Judith Snow will provide hand-out material on the topic taken from the works of The Tibetan Master. As a result of today’s program we will realize when in our life we are living as our Soul and how we can further bridge that gap between lower mind and Soul. Refreshments, please feel free to bring some to share. Suggested Donation $5 to $10

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