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NOW IN FAIRFAX CITY! Discussion/Support Group for HIGH SCHOOL Underachievers
SUPPORT/DISCUSSION GROUP for UNDERACHIEVING GIFTED TEENS: *Includes Executive Function, Twice-Exceptonal, Focus & ADD/ADHD issues Held on the1st Sunday of every month TIMES: 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. for Middle School Students in[masked] 3:30 – 5 p.m. for High School Students in[masked] LOCATION: Mason Enterprise Center, 4031 University Drive, Fairax (Olde Towne) VA 22030 ***FREE and open to all students*** NO parents in the meeting room, please Facilitated/Led by Anne S. Roberts* , this group will discuss questions about ADHD and strategies for dealing with its issues that work, like: Ø your strengths and positive characteristics Ø gagets and gizmos that may help [Time Timer, silent alarm watches, sticky notes, and many others] Ø intelligence and learning styles: right-brained, visual-spatial Ø creative & critical thinking, problem solving, Ø perfectionism: being good enough Ø self-awareness/self esteem/self confidence Ø self-advocacy Ø executive function: NON-boring organizing and strategies for homework Ø focusing and distractions Ø procrastination Ø motivation Ø perceptions of you by your peers Ø the college process Ø helpful stategies to deal with school issues *Anne S. Roberts, MA is a Coach & Educational Consultant for Underachieving Teens, specializing in Gifted, ADD/ADHD, and Right-Brained/Visual/Spacial students and the founder and CEO of BrainRelief, LLC [ ] Ms. Roberts has ADHD herself. For more information, contact [masked] or call[masked] Disclaimer: This is not a therapy group.

George Mason Enterprise Center

4031 University Drive · Fairfax, VA

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What we're about

BrainRelief is for Teens:

Underachieving Gifted and/or Talented
Creative, non-traditional Right-Brained learning style
May have Executive Function concerns.

May have ADD/ADHD or other Twice-Exceptional characteristics

BrainRelief features:

Individual coaching
Educational consulting
Workshops for small groups of teens
Presentations for parents, teachers, or students
Resources for Gifted Teens, Right-Brained "Different Drummer" Teens, Teens with Executive Function Disorder, Teens with a Learning Difference, like ADD/ADHD.

Workshops for Underachieving Teens

One or more 2.5 hour sessions.
Each session is different
Each session is geared for the students who attend that session.

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