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Brampton Objectivist Meetup
This social event is welcoming and friendly. Interactions will be light-hearted. Of course, we will also enjoy serious discussions pertaining to Ayn Rand's ideas. What are her philosophic ideas and discoveries? What makes her ideas important? Why is philosophy important? What's any of it got to do with me? How has Ayn Rand's ideas affected Brampton? How can Ayn Rand's philosophy change Brampton? These and other relevant topics will be discussed. Come and enjoy!

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What we're about

Ayn Rand has made very important and crucial discoveries in philosophy; ideas that are positively changing North America - and thus the world.

Admirers of Ayn Rand are here for interest, social gathering, discussion of and, if you decide, promotion of her new discoveries in philosophy.

All interested in Ayn Rand's ideas are welcome!

Guests are also welcome!

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