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Calling all purpose-driven Entrepreneurs, difference-making StartUps, and boostrapping Change-Agents who are having a hard time translating their world-changing Ideas into viable Businesses.

From pitching investors to creating irrestible offers to closing a deal, most founders, entrepreneurs, and service providers struggle with what it takes to present their ideas in a effective way that not only attracts interest, but converts with confidence.


From Brand Identity to Customer Nurturing, my approach to Business Development encompasses all aspects of the Consumer-Product relationship to create one clear through-line for your Brand-Marketing-Sales cycle, with the intention of turning prospects into avid consumers, and consumers into raving advocates.

This group is about exploring the fundamentals of Branding, Marketing and Storytelling to increase your chances of attracting more prospects, converting more customers and increasing the rate by which they refer you forward.


A little bit about your organizer and host:

My name is Neto Pimenta and I’ve been packaging, selling and communicating ideas since my first gig as a club promoter at the tender age of 15 (don’t try this at home, kids).

I’ve worked in advertising and entertainment for most of my adult life, I have produced commercials for big brands, worked in Hollywood in almost every capacity of production and development... and in 2016 I left all of that “excitement” behind, cutting back on my hours and travel, so that I could be a more present parent to my 4 boys and still have some time left to play ‘romance’ with my wife...

So now I spend my working hours consulting with StartUps, Small Businesses, and Entrepreneurs, helping them shorten the "know-like-and-trust" cycle, create truly irresistible offers, and provide a “one of a kind" customer experience.


This group is for entrepreneurs who run, or are building, businesses focused on customer satisfaction, loyalty and growth.

If you’re interested in implementing processes and systems to up your game and increase the chances of winning your target audience over, then this group is for you.


. Who this group is for: StartUp Founders, Service Providers, Business Owners, Freelancers, Creatives and Solopreneurs who are looking to build a strong foundation for their business.

. Who This Group is NOT for: MLM’ers, Pyramid Schemers, and people who keep showing up to one these always looking for what’s in it for them and how can they sell - I’m here to build a great community of people interested in trouble-shooting their challenges and helping each other grow. Opportunists and snake-oil salesmen need NOT apply.


• What to bring:
-Pen and paper or tablet (if you’re the note-taking kind)
- a sense of humor
- an open mind and a generous heart (Branding insofar as I understand it and teach ONLY works for the generous heart who puts clients’ needs ahead of their profits)

As Zig Ziglar, the granddaddy of sales wisely professed “you can have everything you want out of life, so long as you provide enough people with what they want first.”

So if you’re interested in a community built around value-giving and purpose-driven businesses, I’d love to have you join and help me build one.

Stay Brilliant!

Neto DePaula Pimenta
Brand Architect


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