What we're about

Our Group is about having fun on and off our bikes. Since our inception we have nearly 600 Rides and Social Events. We try to keep a full Calendar, We average nearly a 100 Events per year much, much, more than most other Motorcycle Groups in the Area.

We offer a variety short, medium, and longer rides for all skill levels in, around, and beyond the Brandywine Valley and Tri-State Area. We also have many Socials Events _Concerts, BBq’s Dinners, and House Parties.

Newer riders are welcome as well as those that are interested in learning to ride.

Let's Ride !!!!!

The “Godfather” (AKA Steve)

Upcoming events (5+)

Oakbrook Brewery and Grilled Cheese sandwiches

Small place so keeping it a small group, went here last weekend and it was a fun ride up and neat little place with great grilled cheese combinations

Shanty Beach Bar, on the Chesapeake in Tolchester MD

Needs a location

Heady to the Shanty Bar on the Chesapeake 11:15 AM Meet WAWA Kennett Square 11:30 AM Kick Stands up 1:15 PM Arrive at the Shanty Bar, 3:15 Pm Depart Route: https://goo.gl/maps/tKd7tKS6bviFouVU7

Saturday Night Pub Ride - Buckleys. The Whip, World of Beer

Going to do a Pub Ride thru the Brandywine Valley. We will stop at Buckleys and the Whip for 1 beer or beverage and continue on to the World of Beer for Dinner. 4:00 PM Meet WAWAs Kennet Square 4:15 PM Kick Stands UP ! 4:30 Arrive at Buckleys, Centerville DE 6:00 PM Arrive at The Whip, Coatsville, PA 6:50 PM Arrive at the Dreaded Dowingtown Tunnels (ear plugs required ) 7:00 Arrive at World of Beer, Extton, PA

Kauffmans BBQ Chicken Ride

Landhope Farms

2 hour ride through some great roads, ending with a delicious lunch and return trip. Meet at the new Landhope in Oxford. KSU 10:15. May or may not have a rest stop on way. http://www.kauffmansbbqrestaurant.com/

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