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Visit our new website YogaMeditation.ca. Formerly called Brant Norfolk Mantra Meditation and still associated with lotusmeditation.ca. You can visit YogaMeditation.ca for more information on free meditation sessions. All are welcome and no previous experience is necessary. This group is for beginners as well as long time practitioners of meditation. You will be provided with the tools to help you find relief from today’s stresses and anxieties and become immersed in spiritual happiness. A happiness that is beyond the senses and mind - a happiness in the heart. We practice different methods of mantra meditation that are very easy and enjoyable to do using breath, beads and music (Kirtan Meditation). In this meditation we focus on the chanting of sacred sounds. In accordance with the time-honoured teachings of meditation, all programs are free of charge. We look forward to meeting & meditating with you!

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