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Meet & Confer with John Edelman
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John is the man behind the juggernaut of a company that is Haldimand Motors. Did you know that they move about 500 to 600 cars a month? That is like 24 cars a day for a 24 day work month! THAT IS HUGE! Haldimand Motors has the record for the biggest number of used car sales in Canada. And there is definitely more to the man than just car sales and amazing management skills. Meet and learn directly from John. John has agreed to come to Brantford and sit down with us for a half day conference with him. It will begin with us knowing more about the success story of Haldimand Motors and then we'll do a question and answer. Our usual networking will follow. We haven't set the date yet and would want to have an indication of how many would like to participate in the conference. Send a quick note to say you are in so we can see the numbers. Maximum we can have for our space is just 50 people so let us know if you want in. RSVP on MeetUp or send a quick email to [masked] and just say WILL ATTEND WITH JOHN. Do send in your suggestions about the date too. We are looking at late July but we don't want to spoil people's vacation plans - so let us know. Fausto Victorio CIA Collaborations and Innovations Agent CBRIC Canadian Business Research & Innovation Centre

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