What we're about

At RIA Solutions Group, we seek to redefine the experience of working with a software development services provider. Our goal is to demonstrate the technical expertise needed to allow our customers to trust that their important software projects are in capable hands while at the same time making the collaboration easy and effective. Over the long term, we want our customers to look at RIA Solutions Group as their partner for software development.

RIA Solutions Group is a software development services and solutions provider with a presence in both the US and Europe. The bulk of our engineering talent works out of several software development centers in Romania. Our global presence allows us to provide services using a team composition blended to match the specific needs of our customers. This flexibility allows us to target the ideal balance of cost and capabilities. At the same time, we are able to scale our services to match the needs of our customers and we work with companies of all sizes. When needed, our global presence allows us to move rapidly and our technology teams can work nearly around the clock.

Customer commitment

RIA Solutions Group’s large and ever growing portfolio of successful software projects and happy clients demonstrates our commitment to technical expertise, quality, and delivering value. It is that focus on being good and what we do, and a long track record of having successfully delivered software solutions to our clients that has fueled our growth and allowed us to become a regional leader in software development services.

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RIA Solutions Group Brasov Technology center

Geek UP!

RIA Solutions Group Brasov Technology center

Grill'n & Chill'n - American Summer Cookout

RIA Solutions Group Brasov Technology center

RIA Solutions Group Brasov Technology Center Geek In event!

RIA Solutions Group Brasov Technology center

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