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Brave and BAT: How blockchain is revolutionizing digital advertising.

Web browsing and digital advertising are broken, and everyone is paying the price. Users suffer invasive ads, tracking, malware. Publishers face huge losses in revenue. Advertisers experience massive fraud and poor targeting.

Brave is resetting the system with a new blockchain-based digital advertising platform integrated with an Ethereum ERC20 utility token that can be exchanged between users, advertisers, and publishers. Users opt in and get paid to view fewer ads. Publishers earn more. And advertisers get better reporting and less fraud.

Brave has 2.2 million monthly active users, over 14,000 verified publishers (including over 10,000 YouTube channels with over 183 million subscribers), and over 7,000 creators currently participating in the Brave Referral Program. The company just signed a major partnership with a global financial news organization: Dow Jones Media Group, part of the the group that owns the Wall Street Journal. Brave also recently announced a partnership with Townsquare Media and with YouTube stars Bart Baker and Philip DeFranco.

Come meet Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave, co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, and creator of JavaScript. Brian Brown, Brave's Chief Business Officer, will also join the Q&A.

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