What we're about

The purpose of this group is to explore the new music scene in Toronto, to find organizations and venues which regularly host and curate great events and to experience the joy of discovery and surprise of the unexpected.

I've been heading out to see a lot of live music lately with that purpose in mind and feel now is a good time to share my discoveries with others and hopefully share in their discoveries as well.

There's no specific genre that I'll be focusing on, just whatever I think looks cool: folk, improvised, ambient, electronic, experimental, punk, classical, Southern Gothic, sound art, modern, metal are all words used to describe shows I've been to recently and of course I'm keen to see anything that does away with the idea of neat categorizations and genre definitions!

A few of the things I've been going to and will likely host events at in the future include:
- Nite Comfort at the Handlebar
- anything at the Music Gallery
- TSO's New Music Festival
- Wavelength

I should mention, I stole the name for the group from my favorite radio program of all time CBC Radio 2's 'Brave New Waves' -- it was an awesome program.

Also, I do host another meetup group which is more a general social group which I've posted some music events to, so feel free to check those out -- https://www.meetup.com/Downtown-Cool-Bars-and-Random-Adventures/ -- I'll post all future music related events to this group only.

Code of conduct:
- Show up if you rsvp, make an effort to find/contact the host. It can be tough to find people in at a busy gig - it's not a lot of fun trying to keep one eye open for missing attendees whilst trying to enjoy the show.
- This isn't a singles group, don't do anything to make people feel uncomfortable.
- to summarize, don't be a jerk.

Upcoming events (2)

UofT New Music Festival: Opera - Who Killed Adriana?

MacMillan Theatre (UofT)

Hi All, I went to the UofT student composers Opera last year and it was pretty good, so I think I'll go again. This year the Opera is a murder mystery parody - sounds like fun! And admission is free:) The concert starts at 2:30, I'll get there 2-2:15 and I'll post my number on the day of the event and post my location in the comments when I get there so we can find each other, so check back for that. Details from the event listing ( https://music.utoronto.ca/concerts-events.php?eid=2162&cDate=2019-01-20 ): "In Francesco Cilea's opera, Adriana Lecouvreur, the heroine dies by inhaling the scent of poisoned flowers. with cruel irony, the great diva Adriana Amaro meets her untimely death on the night of her Covent Garden debut when real poison is substituted. But who could the murderer be? Her possessive singing teacher? The conductor she loathes? The understudy who covets her fame? As the Faculty of Music's composition students unleash their comic talents in this murder mystery parody, you, the audience - in the closing moments of the opera - will decide. Michael Patrick Albano direct and Sandra Horst conducts this original student opera. "

UofT New Music Festival: Karen Kieser Prize Concert

University of Toronto, Walter Hall

This looks like another great night of new music at the UofT New Music festival, and its free, so that's nice:) Show starts at 7:30 and I'll get there 15-20min before then. Check the comments when you arrive, I'll keep my location/details updated there so we can find each other. Details from the event listing ( https://music.utoronto.ca/concerts-events.php?eid=2166&cDate=2019-01-22 ): "This year marks the first time the Karen Kieser Prize in Canadian Music will be awarded to two graduate composers: Rebekah Cummings for Fearless and Bekah Simms for Microlattice. Also being performed is Ruptured Soil by Maksym Chupov-Ryabtsev, the winning work for the Ann H. Atkinson Prize in Electroacoustic Composition. The program also includes pianist Stephen Clarke and guitarist Rob MacDonald performing works by Toshio Hosokawa. Flautist Susan Hoeppner performs Tam 'O Shanter by Lothar Klein in celebration of Robbie Burns Day."

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UofT New Music Festival: songSLAM

University of Toronto, Walter Hall

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