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The local BraveHeart Women Ripple is a catalyst in our global shift of the over-giving mindset of women to the over-flowing lifestyle.

It’s not just another event added to the list that women choose from…. it’s a lifestyle that’s being expanded and rippling around the globe. . . it’s a woman knowing on that ‘one’ day of the month, she gets to shift herself and that ‘one’ day of the month is hers to receive regardless of the circumstance and the challenges of her path... no matter what else she has going on in her life, that ‘one’ day of the month is about her commitment to her highest self, that ‘one’ day of the month will be the space in which a woman gets to 'dive into the ripple' of ease, Oxytocin, receiving, essence, resonance, thriving and purpose where we fully blossom as a woman. We RISE above the density of the mind and feel the potency and vibrancy of this new imprint. hahhhhhhhhh

Resounding “yes” to creating community with like-hearted women! Will the female gender blossom into deeper essence as we ripple harmony between us? yes! Will we create transformation within the world as we embrace who we are? yes! Remember Your Purpose!

Inspired to create a high vibe space for women to connect, open their hearts, release their stress, and be acknowledged as the beautifully magnificent women that they are. Engage with other Brave-Hearted Women and feel the joy of being seen.

Passionate about women shifting from over-giving to overflowing, from guilt to glow, and from the fear of being rejected to the joy of being received. Calibrate Your Cells with New Imprints of Possibility and infuse them into your Personal, Professional, and Global Purpose!

Professional Visionaries, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, and beyond, welcome. Enter the realm of Ease by leaving the space of fight, flight, and freeze. Ignite your blossoming voice, declare your space, and be fully embraced!

Love the intention of women being in joy, creating with courage, and collaborating for harmony, locally and globally! Value yourSelf and enjoy two hours per month, just for You, as you ripple and receive!

Ecstatic about you, the woman of the 21st Century/Age of Aquarius/the Millennial Shift. Embody and emanate your SHE-Soul’s Highest Expression-as now is the time, this is the life, and you are the one.

Join us, and 'dive into the ripple' of ease!

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November Community Gathering

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September Community Gathering

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February 2020 Community Gathering

Wendy Woodworth's Residence see Discussions tab for details

January Community Gathering

Wendy Woodworth's Residence see Discussions tab for details

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