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We are a London-based group playing music and performing dance from the Pernambuco region of northeast Brazil. Formed in 2002, we were the first group of this style in the UK. We play Maracatu de Baque Virado – a vibrant style of music that dates back hundreds of years and is rooted in Afro-Brazilian culture.

Maracatu is powered by the alfaia (bass drum) whose powerful and syncopated rhythms punctuate the beat of the caixa (snare drum) gongue (cowbell), and agbê (shaker). It’s music that goes straight to the soul!
The beautiful and colourful costumes of the dancers accentuate the stunning choreographies that are steeped in the traditional devotional dances that came to Brazil from Africa, creating a powerful experience of sights and sounds!

We are a community based group that allows people to participate in a fun activity, learning about the styles of music and dance of the north east of Brazil, and to be part of shows, workshops and carnival parades, in order to support and spread afro-Brazilian culture from Pernambuco as it manifests in London, UK and Europe. We also promote events that support the culture of Maracatu de Baque Virado and regional music from Pernambuco. As well as having a professional band that performs at clubs, festivals and other venues in the south-east and around the UK, Baque de Axe runs workshops throughout the year and takes a 50 piece community group on the streets of Notting Hill Carnival every summer.

We are opening our sessions to existing and new members and beginners alike! If you would like to try something new then please come and join us! And please invite friends - the more the merrier!

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