What we're about

What We Are About:

Solving a problem

What’s the problem?:

The simple and universal fact that meeting new people outside of your day to day life is hard. Regardless of age, relationship status or how long you’ve lived here, everyone deals with the same issues. We’re working all the time. We’re staring at our phones more than ever. It can be a challenge to find situations and people with the pure intentions of making friends for the sake of making friends. Where we come in: We’re the mad scientists out to prove meeting and engaging new people is comically easy and fun. We do all the planning, organizing and rallying of the troops. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and a smile (and bring a friend or two)

What we’re not:
A singles event
A professional networking event
A kite flying club

But if your experience results in you getting a date, a job or a kite, well kudos

Past events (77)

Juneteeth Tampa Bay

Queen of Sheba

Florida Vegan Gourmet Food Festival

USF Botanical Gardens

Escape Room Meetup - Escape the Terrace

10940 N 56th St


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