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Silent Treatment. Controlling. Pathological Lying. Manipulative. Guilt Tripping.

• Does someone you know or love treat you like this?
• Are they charming and well-liked by everyone but are a completely different person (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde) with you?
• Do they refuse to be accountable for their behavior and guilt and blame you for everything?
• Do they constantly make you feel like you are going crazy?

This group is about support, education and recovery for anyone who is/was a victim of Narcissistic Abuse and/or Domestic Violence. This type of abuse/violence includes emotional, verbal, psychological, financial, sexual and/or physical abuse. Unless you have experienced it firsthand too you can't completely understand it! We need to speak to other survivors to help us constantly reinforce that we are NOT alone, we are NOT crazy, it IS abuse, it is NOT our fault and we CAN completely heal.

The abuse affects us both emotionally and physically. As a survivor of domestic violence (ASPD ex) and abusive family of origin, including the infamous NPD mother, I can empathize and know what it takes to recovery from abuse inside and out

I will help you to recover and move forward confidently for your happy, healthy future.

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